EPDM Calculator

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A tool to help calculate EPDM roofing materials can be an extremely useful one for both trade and DIY roofing projects. For trade roofers, the tool means you enjoy a faster turnaround time for quotes. For homeowners, the app helps you to work out the right kit list for any type of flat roof project. EPDM calculators, also known as flat roof calculators often produce a full kit list based on very basic roofing specifications.

About Permaroof’s EPDM calculator

Permaroof UK Ltd developed a free calculator app to support trade roofers with the production of accurate EPDM project materials lists. Designed to accelerate quotation times, the Permaroof Kit Builder App has become a valuable tool for our trade clients. Simply add the project details in four, easy steps and the EPDM calculator produces a materials list for reference or quote from Permaroof.

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