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Tradesmen & Contractors

Tradesmen and Contractors

Trade roofing supplies and more for professional flat roofers

High Quality Trade Roofing Supplies | Permaroof UK LtdPermaroof provide high quality trade roofing supplies across the UK with next day delivery. With almost 20 years of experience, we understand what’s needed in your flat roofing business to make things run smoothly and we’re always improving our trade offerings to support you in every way we can.

We’re one of the largest importers and licenced distributors of Firestone RubberCoverTM and stock a wide range of EPDM trade roofing supplies, insulation and skylights to give you everything you need for your flat roofing projects, regardless of size – with next day delivery.

Permaroof UK does much more than delivery of top-quality trade roofing supplies. If you’ve been considering actively growing your roofing business, then you’ve come to the right place.  

More than high quality flat roofing supplies for trade roofers

Dedicated Account Manager | Permaroof UK Trade Roofing SupportHere at Permaroof we know that your business is about much more than just some of the best trade roofing supplies.

That’s why we offer full customer support and can help with all your flat roofing needs from industry-renowned EPDM and liquid rubber application training to product launches and much more.

The award-winning Permaroof sales and customer services teams are uniquely qualified. Most of the teams are trained and experienced in EPDM flat roofing and can support you with all aspects of your project planning, whether you’re working on a domestic green roof or handling a commercial, large-scale project.

Key benefits of working with Permaroof

Working with Permaroof delivers the reliability you need for your clients and gives you the chance to build and expand on your existing local client base.

Work with us and look forward to:  
  • 20-year membrane warranties
  • Excellent training facilities and packages
  • Cut to size membranes
  • Next day delivery
  • Bespoke pricing
  • Huge stockholding
  • Bespoke roll sizes for roll buyers
  • Dedicated account manager to look after your orders and give you support when required
  • Special offers
  • Lead generation via this website and National Media exposure. (Try searching through Google to see how proactive we are)
  • The use of our unique patented UPVC edge trim system, Permaroof Trim
  • Online real-time booking forms for training courses
  • Price Beater Guarantee
  • Permaroof Survey and Warranty App
UK PRICE BEATER SERVICE. If you are currently using EPDM or similar products, try us for an extremely competitive quote. Unbeatable deals on volume users, councils and local authorities.

Expand your flat roofing business with more local enquiries

Permaroof EPDM Training Days | Flat Roofing Support for TradeWhy not join us, on our mission of creating the best and largest installer network across the UK?

Permaroof rubber roof application training can open new doors for trade flat roofers.

Once you’ve completed your certified training at the National EPDM Training Centre at our headquarters in Derby, you’ll be able to take your training further.

The nationwide Permaroof EPDM Installer Network is a UK-wide initiative introduced by Permaroof as a free service to homeowners.

Check it out here.

We offer peace of mind in connecting homeowners to trained and approved flat roofing professionals in their local area. Covering all the UK, our network connects hundreds of people to tradesmen like you, who offer a reliable, top quality service using top quality trade roofing supplies.

Find out more about EPDM and liquid rubber application training and book your training day online.

Work with us for some of the best contractor opportunities in the industry

Permaroof Licence Programme | Unique Business Opportunities for Flat RoofersThe Permaroof Licence Programme is our latest business opportunity for contractors. Launched in 2018, the programme is designed to help maximise sales and revenue in the rubber roof sector for established roofing and building trade businesses.  

Ideal for roofers thinking about business expansion into rubber roofing systems, the Permaroof Licence Programme is a unique opportunity, restricted to just 200 nationwide exclusive members.

Permaroof is looking to work with an exclusive group of around 200 carefully selected Firestone RubberCover installers. These established, professional roofing businesses will trade under the Permaroof trademark alongside your current operations and gain all the benefits of working under the umbrella of the UK’s leading Firestone Residential Distributor.

As firm advocates of Firestone EPDM systems, Permaroof believe that once fully established, the Permaroof Licence Programme collaboration in rubber roofing promotion and top-quality installation will further accelerate the popularity of EPDM for domestic roofing.

The benefits of the Permaroof Licence Programme

There are a wide range of exciting business benefits to the Permaroof Licence Programme for selected trade roofers. The package includes:  
  • Permaroof Kit Builder App | Try it online nowFirestone RubberCover training – two certificated places
  • Finance options to offer your clients
  • Marketing materials
  • Website lead generation via National Installer Network
  • Your own branded website and domain, plus:
  • SEO package
  • Dedicated page on the Permaroof website
  • 7” Android tablet with pre-installed EPDM Kit Builder App
  • Branded workwear
  • Subsidised pricing
  • Van stickers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Van leasing deal
  • Sales support and training
  • And more.
The Permaroof Licence Programme is still in its early stages and the team are enjoying the excitement it is already generating. With more ideas in the pipeline for the programme and further trade opportunities ahead for product sales and incentives, green roofing, liquid waterproofing, garden offices, skylights and much more, there’s never been a better time to talk to us about how you can boost your current business offerings with Permaroof.

Contact us on 01773 608839 to receive your Permaroof Licence Programme information pack or to chat with us about any of our business opportunities for trade flat roofers. Let us support your business as it grows – we do much more than trade roofing supplies at Permaroof.