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Liquid Rubber Roofing

Flexible, long-lasting waterproofing for trade and DIY

The liquid rubber roofing range from Permaroof offers a long-lasting and flexible solution for a wide range of applications. Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing is ideal for many types of roofing and much more; covering old concrete roofing, making anti-slip garden steps and pathways, lining gutters and ornamental ponds. We’ve also introduced an emergency roof repair liquid solution to address repairs fast.

Permaroof UK Ltd is one of the largest stockists of flat roof supplies for both trade and DIY roofers in the country, and with unmatched industry support, liquid roofing training courses and a library of roofing resources, you can buy with confidence from us.

The liquid rubber range offers high performance and quality and comes with product warranty as standard. We’re ready to chat to you about the right roofing system for your project and can offer installation advice and tips if you need them.


Liquid Rubber Roofing

Emergency Roof Repair

Liquid Rubber Roofing Emergency Roof Repair
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What is liquid roofing?

Although liquid rubber is not a brand new concept, Permaroof has taken the idea a step further in the introduction of our latest roofing system. Developed with a long-term solution to reliable waterproofing for domestic, industrial and commercial properties in mind, our liquid rubber waterproofing system has wide benefits over a range of uses.

Manufactured with a polyurethane base, our synthetic rubber solution covers even the most complex areas and offers complete waterproofing over a variety of surfaces. The system uses a base coat, Permaband reinforcing matting and a topcoat with UV protection and also can be used create anti-slip surfacing with addition of a suitable medium.

We stock a range of Permaband reinforcing mat sizes to suit all types of installation and coverage requirements – 120m rolls are available in 100mm or 200mm widths or 50m rolls of 1m width for main surface area coverage.


Permaroof500 Matting

Liquid UV Top Coat

Permaroof500 Matting Liquid UV Top Coat
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Applying liquid rubber roofing

Liquid rubber roofing with Permaroof500 is super-smooth and fast. It cures quickly and is effective immediately, which makes it ideal for fast repairs or roofing replacement. Permaroof500 needs few tools for application. Safely and quickly apply a single coat of liquid rubber using a foam roller. Brushes or small rollers can be used for detailed areas. The product contains a self-levelling compound so does not have to be overworked. (It is suitable for pitched roofing with the addition of a solution to remove the self-levelling properties. See below).

When creating an anti-slip surface, such as a car parking zone or to make safe slippery garden steps and paths, use a recommended medium for the best results. This can be mixed with the liquid rubber solution or for a more even spread and finish, sprinkled across the still-wet surface.

The UV topcoat is applied using the same method to seal and protect the rubber roofing and improve weatherability.


Liquid Roller Pack

Green Mineral Coating

Liquid Roller Pack Green Mineral Coating
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Finishing a liquid rubber roof

Careful attention should be paid to the edges of any flat roof installation to make sure that the project is kept reliably watertight. This is true of both sheet membrane and liquid rubber roofing. Facias and soffits should be masked off if necessary to avoid drips and spots of the product.

Once the surface is cured, the best way to finish off is with roofing trims. These complete the seal around the edge of the installation and create a professional looking, neat finish that will keep the edges tidy over the long term.

We stock a range of hard-wearing trims ideal for the liquid waterproofing system.


P500 Drip Trims

P500 Fascia Trims

P500 Drip Trims P500 Fascia Trims
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Permaroof offers next day delivery as standard on most of our roofing products range if orders are placed before 12pm. With high-performance flat roofing solutions, award-winning customer sales and service values and fast turnaround times, our customers buy with confidence from Permaroof UK.

Browse our range of liquid rubber roofing installation guides to see if liquid roofing is for you, or talk to a member of the team today to find out more on 01773 608839.