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Flat Roof Repairs

Fast and easy-to-apply solutions to all types of flat roof repair

If you need to repair your flat roof, we have a range of products that will get your home leak free and protected from the elements.

Flat roof repairs need to be made quickly to avoid damage to the roof structure, electrics and of course any possessions you may have in the room or building affected. Repairing your flat roof needn’t be difficult and all our products come with instructions either by video or as a download, and our experienced team will be more than happy to talk you through how to use a product – or even help you to choose the right one.

Flat Roof Kits

Shed Roof Kits

Flat Roof Kits Shed Roof Kits
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If your flat roof is badly damaged or has multiple leaks it may be time to replace it altogether. We can provide you with a complete kit that includes everything you need, not just to repair the roof, but to replace it altogether. This kit includes the highest quality EPDM on the market – Firestone RubberCover, plus all the adhesive, trims and fixings you’ll need. If the roof needing repairs is a shed or garden building, we have created the perfect product to replace a failing roof quickly and easily – even for the inexperienced DIYers.

Our Permaroof in a Box® kit is a complete shed roof kit including Firestone rubber membrane, spray contact adhesive and Bond and Seal sealant. All of this is packaged into 1 neat box, available in multiple sizes. Don't see the size you need? Just ask us and we’ll create a custom kit just for you.

If you need to make roof repairs quickly Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair may be the product for you. The emergency roof repair can be applied to weathered asphalt and bituminous surfaces, concrete, brickwork, fibreglass, felt, metal (galvanised and ferrous), amongst other materials. Even if it rains after application, the waterproofing will not be affected.

For roofing repairs with liquid membrane, we recommend Permaband Matting. It is embedded into a coat of Permaroof 500 (available here). Depending on the size and purpose of the area it can be used in joints, splits and reinforcing small areas, in upstands, gutters and wrapping outlets, corners or in larger sizes for on larger areas (main deck area) or higher upstands.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Liquid Repairs Bandage

Flat Roof Kits Shed Roof Kits
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Flat roof repairs - Do-It-Yourself?

We stock a range of excellent products that can make light work of a flat roof repair for DIY. Liquid EPDM membrane can provide a quick, emergency seal that is effective and long-lasting. Such roof repair systems are ideal for the DIY market, as they are easy to apply and cure quickly without professional assistance. EPDM rubber membrane is also straightforward to repair using adhesives and patches in a similar method to repairing a puncture on a bicycle wheel.

While these types of rubber roofing membrane repair are straightforward to carry out, it is important to remember that the seal must be watertight and the patches you have applied, perfectly adhered. Critical repairs to flat roofing must be carried out to a high-quality and if you aren’t sure you can create a perfect seal, it is wise to call in a professional, insured roofer to repair the membrane.

Professional Roofing Repairs?

It is also worth reminding yourself that this is work at height, generally, even if on a single-storey garage. Falls from height are common in the DIY sector, and safety should always come first. If you aren’t confident working at height as a DIYer, realise your limits and call in a professional roofer to carry out your roof repair.

An experienced roofer may not charge as much as you think for a simple repair to your rubber roof membrane. Bear in mind that an emergency, out-of-hours call out will cost more than a scheduled, quoted repair.

It is worthwhile keeping an eye on flat roofing around the home and outside buildings to avoid an emergency roof repair and the associated costs. A simple, visual inspection, particularly following inclement weather or storm conditions, can highlight areas that may require further inspection or attention.

We have a network of approved, qualified contractors available.

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Through the nationwide Permaroof EPDM installer network, it’s now much easier to find a reliable tradesperson to carry out your flat roof repairs. Permaroof EPDM training is industry-renowned and trade roofers completing our training courses receive Firestone-approved certification.

Professional flat roofers are invited to join our installer network following completion of the training and a stringent vetting process, offering peace of mind in this free service for homeowners.

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Preventing roof repairs caused by gutter leaks

A leaking roof caused by overflowing, clogged gutters is commonplace across the UK. Clearing gutters every year is an essential, yet time-consuming and sometimes hazardous task for homeowners, who often engage professionals to do it for them.

Permaroof has an innovative product in stock that can help prevent this annual chore for many years. The Gutterbrush is designed to keep debris out of the gutter, while allowing water to pass through the polypropylene filaments and free flow away through the down pipes. This prevents not only clogging of the gutters, but also of the drainage system. Available in two sizes – 100mm and 150mm.

Gutter Brush 150mm

Gutter Brush 100mm

Gutter Brush 150mm Gutter Brush 100mm
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Permaroof UK has one of the largest stocks of EPDM flat roofing products in the country and puts customer support at the forefront. Buying flat roofing from Permaroof offers peace of mind for both trade and DIY roofers – both in quality products and customer service.

Visit our online store today to buy all your flat roofing supplies for trade and DIY. Our experienced teams are on hand during working hours to help with your orders, share installation tips and give advice on your EPDM roofing projects. Contact us live online via the chat service or phone on 01773 608839.