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Permaroof 500 Liquid Coatings

Liquid Rubber Roofing

Liquid rubber for roofing and more with the revolutionary P500 liquid coating

The Permaroof 500 liquid rubber roofing system is our most popular liquid coating. It is a highly elastomeric continuous waterproofing membrane that can be easily installed in a single layer with excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces. Suitable for waterproofing, anti-skid and anti-slip surfacing, car park coatings, basement tanking and more.

P500 is ideal for use on a variety of substrates and makes light work of waterproofing where membranes are difficult to fit or unsuitable for the job. 100% reliable when applied correctly, liquid rubber roofing can provide a long-term solution for a wide range of projects, large or small.

Why use liquid rubber for roofing?

Applying liquid rubber roofing | Fast and easy system from PermaroofThis revolutionary liquid rubber roofing system has the following key benefits:

  • 600% elongation
  • Rapid curing and resistant to rain within 30 minutes of application
  • Applied in only 1 layer
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures from -40c to 80c. Can be applied from -5c
  • P500 liquid rubber roofing systems carry 15- and 20-year guarantees
  • 25-year life expectancy

Suitable for a range of surfaces:

  • Concrete
  • Mineral felt
  • Asphalt
  • Insulation
  • Timber
  • Metal

The latest environmentally friendly green roof projects can also benefit from the reliability of a liquid rubber coating as the base layer. Hard-wearing and long-lasting, P500 can give green roofing a stable base from which to build the complex layers typical of these installations.

Find out more about green roofing at Permaroof.

Liquid rubber roof training

Permaroof operate the National Roofing Training Centre from our headquarters in Derby. We run top-class liquid rubber roofing training days every week for trade roofers and contractors across the UK. Certified training can open new doors for trade roofers at Permaroof.

Find out more about your rubber roof training and book online here.

Our training days are intensive and include product introduction, comprehensive application demonstration and practical work for assessment. Detailing and main surface application are covered, in addition to edges, anti-slip coatings and more. Lunch and refreshments included.

Buy P500 liquid rubber roofing online

Permaroof UK stock the P500 liquid rubber roofing system in our online store. With an award-winning reputation for sales and customer service, you can be confident we’re a company that puts our customers first. Order before 12pm for next day delivery.

Buy P500 liquid rubber roofing online here.

Installation guides and data sheets

Our resource library contains a range of installation guides, product information and data sheets suitable for trade or DIY to tell you more about our liquid rubber roofing system.

Visit the resource library here.

Download your copy of the Permaroof 500 Liquid Brochure here.
Download your copy of the Permaroof 500 BBA Certificate here.

Permaroof 500 liquid rubber roofing system video

Watch the P500 video demonstration now and see for yourself how fast, simple and effective liquid rubber roofing really can be.