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Why do business with Permaroof?

Doing Business with Permaroof

We can think of many reasons why, and here they are:

  1. We work very closely with Firestone Building Products, the largest epdm manufacturers in the world.
  2. We are authorised Importers and Distributors for Firestone and carry probably the largest stock holding here in the UK.
  3. When dealing with us, you can be assured of genuine Firestone products.
  4. We have been trading successfully for over 14 years.
  5. We offer a Certificate of Authenticity for genuine products. Yes, we know there are ‘similar’ products that are cheaper, because we sell them the genuine products when they have failed.
  6. All our products carry a CE certificate. ALL roofing products imported into the UK as from 1st JULY 2013, need a certificate. Ask your supplier for one if you are not already a customer of ours, we will send you ours.
  7. We offer genuine Firestone epdm membranes at the same price as the people that are selling ‘similar’ membranes, that’s right. With Permaroof price promise, we are guaranteed to be the best priced, for the same product, with a CE certificate, 20-year membrane warranty, and the peace of mind that the products are genuine Firestone brand. Why would you need any other supplier?
  8. We are a national supplier and distribute anywhere.
  9. We offer training courses at our head office distribution centre or local stockists.
  10. We offer the O.S.C.A.R scheme, in our commitment to supply quality trades people. Onsite Competency Assessment Report.
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