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Flat Roof Insulation Materials

Get the most out of your flat roof with insulation

Permaroof stock a range of insulation materials to help you get the most from your flat roof installation. Insulating your EPDM flat roof with good quality board can deliver significant energy savings and give it high thermal resistance performance over the long term.

Firestone Resista AK insulation board is manufactured to provide a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five and has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). This is achieved with foam technology using an HCFC-free blowing agent.

We stock Resista AK insulation board in two grades – 50mm and 120mm for a heavier-duty insulation.


Insulation Board – 50mm

Insulation Board – 120mm

Insulation Board – 50mm Insulation Board – 120mm
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Insulating an EPDM flat roof

Firestone Resista AK insulation boards are designed to work perfectly with Firestone single-ply membrane roofing systems:
  • RubberGard™
  • TPO™
  • UltraPly™
  • RubberCover™ EPDM

Installing insulation board can be fast and straightforward, whether you’re using adhered, ballasted or mechanically-fixed systems. When used with rubber roofing, Resista AK delivers impressive stable thermal resistance and dimensional stability, retaining high tensile strength throughout.

Firestone EPDM RubberCover membranes are available at Permaroof in two grades – 1.14mm standard and 1.52mm premium grade EPDM.


Standard Grade EPDM

Premium Grade EPDM

Standard Grade EPDM Premium Grade EPDM
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Long lasting solution

EPDM roofing systems carry a life expectancy of more than five decades. This impressive lifespan relies on the proper preparation and correct installation of the project. Using insulation board can help to maximise the longevity of your roofing.

When you’re looking for this level of performance, don’t cut corners with the fixings and ensure you follow the installation guidelines to get this part right. We stock high quality fixings, including tube washers, fasteners, plates and fixings for all types of installation.


EPDM Tube Washers

EPDM Insulation Plate

EPDM Tube Washers EPDM Insulation Plate
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The manufacture of Firestone Resista AK insulation board is the secret behind its effectivity over the long term when used with EPDM systems. A gastight, multi-layered aluminium complex is laminated to the closed-cell polyiso foam core on both sides to provide the high performance, stable thermal resistance and dimensional stability.

Firestone insulation board is ideal for use on commercial, domestic and industrial installations and is proven over a wide range of geographical climates and locations. Professional installation is recommended to ensure continuing high performance over the expected lifespan.

Let us help you to find a reliable, recommended roofing specialist near you to handle your flat roofing. Permaroof UK operates the National Roofing Training Centre for EPDM and Liquid Rubber Roofing at our headquarters in Derby, training professional UK roofers from all over the country. We have a network of trained and vetted roofers and are happy to connect homeowners with recommended, experienced roofers in our free service.

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