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Safe and easy-to-apply adhesives for EPDM flat roofing

If you’re looking for high-quality flat roofing adhesives for your single-ply roofing systems, you’ve come to the right place. With a range of Firestone-branded adhesives and our own Permaroof range, we have a selection that includes water-based and bonding adhesive with a spray application option too.

Permaroof UK Ltd has one of the largest stocks of flat roof supplies for both trade and DIY roofers in the country and offers unmatched industry support in the form of EPDM training and roofing resources.

All our adhesives offer high performance and quality and our flat roof systems come with full application instructions. Our experienced teams are happy to chat to you about the right adhesives for your project and can offer installation advice and tips if you need them.


Waterbased Adhesive

EPDM Bonding Adhesive

Waterbased Adhesive EPDM Bonding Adhesive
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Why is it important to have a good quality roof membrane adhesive?

EPDM roofing membranes have been developed with a long-term solution in mind. With an average life expectancy for a professionally-installed EPDM roof of more than 50 years, it makes sense that the adhesive used to adhere the membrane to the roof deck is of equally high performance.

Permaroof adhesives have been introduced to suit the EPDM roofing systems perfectly and are safe and easy to apply in a variety of project types for domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Cheaper adhesives often carry a water content that is too high to be reliable over the long-term, and this can lead to the failure of the system. Although EPDM membrane is still effective, this is only the case if it is properly adhered to the roof deck and with no areas where moisture is present in any form.


Spray Bonding Adhesive

Spray Canister Adhesive

Spray Bonding Adhesive Spray Canister Adhesive
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More about Permaroof EPDM flat roofing membranes

Permaroof is one of the largest licenced distributors of Firestone Rubbercover, the leading EPDM membrane with more than 50 years life expectancy. Made from synthetic rubber elements and carbon black, EPDM has a higher UV resistance than other traditional roofing materials, which contributes to its life expectancy.

EPDM can be applied using cold, water-based adhesives and this has resulted in a safer, faster application method and is in part why this single-ply roofing system has become increasingly popular with the DIY market. Available in two grades, Standard 1.14mm and a heavier-duty Premium 1.52mm, EPDM membranes are suitable for a wide range of roofing designs and systems.


Standard EPDM

Premium EPDM

Standard EPDM Membrane Premium EPDM Membrane
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Tackling the tricky bits of flat roofing installation

Every flat roofer looks at each project individually. Some are simple garage roofing, nice and straight with no complexities. Others can be very different to handle and approach. Some of the complexities that can be handled well using EPDM roofing are flat roof extrusions and drains.

Extruding pipework, chimney flues or skylights can offer even professional trade roofers a challenge on some roofing systems. Where accessories need to be added to single-ply systems, it is essential that these joins are treated carefully and thoroughly to avoid water ingress in the most vulnerable parts of the system.

Using a range of specially-designed EPDM accessories and high-quality adhesive can make reliable seals that will last.


Permaroof Pipe Boot

EPDM Corner Flashing

Permaroof Pipe Boot EPDM Corner Flashing
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Applying roofing adhesive in EPDM systems

There are a few methods to the application of roofing adhesive to membranes and which you choose will depend upon the type of roofing project you have planned. The water-based roof deck adhesive can be applied to both the roof and the membrane using a pad system for detailed areas and rollers over the larger expanse of the deck surface area. We also stock spray application options in cans or canister with spray gun and hose – one of our most popular choices for trade roofers.

Permaroof stock EPDM tools in our range and include rollers and pad sets for the safe and efficient application of our roofing adhesives range.


EPDM Adhesive Tool Kit

Roof Adhesive Pad Set

EPDM Adhesive Tool Kit Roof Adhesive Pad Set
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With high-quality flat roofing supplies, industry-leading support and award-winning sales and customer service values, Permaroof enjoys a top-class reputation. Next day delivery is available on most of our roofing products range – let Permaroof UK help you get the job done faster. Talk to us today on 01773 608839 if you need assistance with your roofing adhesives order.