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Flat Roof Materials

Quality EPDM supplies at the right price for trade and DIY

Permaroof UK stocks one of the largest ranges of flat roof materials in the country and is one of Europe’s leading importers of Firestone RubberCover EPDM membranes and supplies. Ordering from our online store is easy and with Next Day Delivery on most of our materials range, we can help you get the job done fast.

EPDM membranes are part of the fastest growing roofing sector and are available from Permaroof in two grades – Standard 1.17mm and Premium grade 1.52mm for heavy duty installations.


Standard EPDM Membrane

Premium EPDM Membrane

EPDM Rubber Membrane - Standard EPDM Rubber Membrane - Premium
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Perfect for DIY

EPDM flat roof systems offer 100% waterproofing for the long-term, with a life expectancy of more than 50 years. Typically easy to apply, using cold application methods and water-based adhesive, EPDM has brought roofing to the DIY sector, particularly when tackling shed roof replacement or flat roof repairs. Permaroof offers a range of roofing kits to help make buying flat roof materials for a standard project much easier.

Flat Roof Kits

Shed Roof Kits

Flat Roof Kits Shed Roof Kits
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The differences in modern flat roof materials

Flat roofing materials today have come a long way from the traditional roof coverings of domestic buildings. Felt roofing has become outdated as both trades and homeowners look towards sustainability and longevity in many home improvements. EPDM roofing systems have been around in some form since the 1960s and have proven performance all over the world in varying climates. Stable in harsh UV radiation and extreme temperature fluctuations, EPDM offers a modern, sustainable and recyclable alternative to traditional roofing.

Another key difference between EPDM and traditional bitumen-applied flat roofing is the application method, which uses much safer, cold-applied techniques and water-based adhesives. The DIY sector benefits from these safer techniques and trade professionals can complete flat roofing projects much more quickly – on time and on budget. Permaroof offers a range of both water-based adhesives and bonding adhesives at great prices in our online store.


Water-based Adhesive

EPDM Bonding Adhesive

Permaroof Water Based Deck Adhesive Permaroof Bonding Adhesive
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Buying Flat Roofing Accessories

Some flat roof projects are more complex and go further than simple membrane adhesion, requiring the use of some of the most innovative roofing accessories for challenges such as, but not limited to:  
  • Working around skylights
  • Sealing pipe extrusions
  • Mechanical fixing to adjoining walls or buildings
  • Dealing with water run off
The Permaroof range of EPDM accessories and tools is extensive, with a solution for every challenge. EPDM roofing systems are designed to effectively keep water out of your projects, while simplifying the traditional application process.

Permaroof Pipe Boot

EPDM Drain Outlet

Permaroof EPDM pipe boot Permaroof EPDM Drain Outlet
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Our accessories range also includes high-quality fixings and tools for trade and DIY, EPDM cleaners and the latest pedestals for working with EPDM on roof terraces with pavers and decking. With such an extensive range of EPDM accessories, Permaroof really is the one-stop-shop for all your flat roofing materials.

View the full range of flat roofing accessories in our online store.

Liquid Rubber Revolution in Flat Roof Materials

Permaroof’s liquid rubber flat roofing solution is breaking records already this year. Permaroof500 liquid rubber roofing overcomes the challenges of waterproofing complex roofing systems that are difficult to seal with a membrane, is fast and easy to apply and cures quickly, providing reliable waterproofing over a wide range of roofing types. We have also developed a liquid rubber emergency repair solution to mitigate the damage caused by a failed or leaking flat roof.  

Liquid Roofing System

Emergency Roof Repair

Permaroof500 Liquid Roofing System Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair
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Adding Skylights to Flat Roofing

Skylights bring natural lighting and energy saving benefits to any flat roof project, adding aesthetic value and a touch of the wow factor. Permaroof acquired The Skylight Company at the beginning of 2019 and through this have dramatically expanded its skylights range.

Glass Edge Skylight

Permaroof Glass Edge Skylight
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Our experienced teams are on hand during the working week to offer tips and advice on all aspects of buying and installing your flat roof materials, and we provide an extensive range of installation guides, technical specs and safety data sheets in PDF format available in our free roofing resources library. We also have an extensive video library of detailed installation and product guides.

Trade and DIY roofers all over the UK trust Permaroof to deliver quality flat roof materials at great prices. With award-winning customer service values, next day delivery and free roofing resources, can you afford to buy your flat roof materials from anywhere else?

Visit our online store today and get started on your flat roofing. Buy today, fit tomorrow with Permaroof.

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