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The Easiest DIY Flat Roof System Ever!

Our complete rubber roof kits are based on a synthetic rubber membrane that is supplied literally in 1 piece, cut specifically for your flat roof. The proper name for this product is EPDM. When we say 1 piece we mean 1 piece, not heat welded together, or glued. In fact, we can supply roofs in 1 piece up to 15 meters wide by 61 meters long.

Benefits of EPDM for rubber roofing

  • Totally inert and UV stable
  • Will not crack or perish
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cold applied
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Can overlay current waterproofing (providing the decking below is fine)


Why choose a Permaroof rubber roof kit?

  • Our one-piece system means no joints to fail you.
  • Select any size required
  • Comes complete with everything you need to install your rubber roof
  • Fantastic value for money. Thousands of DIY kit buyers cannot be wrong
  • Next day delivery to any UK address
  • Trained advisor to help you work out your kit
  • Alternatively, why not try using our kit builder app: www.permaroofkit.co.uk
  • Check out our video library at the top of the page to see how easy this is to install.

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Not a single drop of water will pass through this product

Because our EPDM rubber membranes are one piece with no cuts or joins, there are no weak points at risk of developing leaks later on.

20 Year Guarantee - Life Expectancy of 50 Years

Our Firestone EPDM membranes are such high quality that we can offer a 20 year guarantee. There are firestone roofs that are already over 50 years old, so we know this is a product that lasts.


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