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The Permanent Flat Roof People

Permaroof EPDM Roofing Warehouse | Flat Roofing SuppliesWe are the UK Importer and Distributor of Firestone RubberCover, single ply EPDM rubber roofing systems, operating from our Head office in Derbyshire. We have been distributing this product for the last 14 years, and have gained unrivalled knowledge over this time. Our facility allows us to stock a significant amount of EPDM, and capacity for cutting hundreds of sheets per day. Centrally located in the UK, allows our delivery capabilities to cater for virtually everyone.


Permaroof EPDM Flat Roof Trim System

We are the patent owners of this trim system, which has proved to be the installers choice for finishing off the EPDM flat roof. Permaroof flat roof trim creates a perfect, professional finish to all EPDM roofing installations. Adding trim gives a watertight seal around the perimeter of your flat roof and helps to direct water to the gutter edge, while beautifully completing and tidying the entire project. View our range here.


EPDM Flat Roof | Permaroof UK Roofing SuppliesNational Network of Local Stockists

The bulk of Firestone RubberCover in the UK is supplied by Permaroof, and supports a national network of local stockists. Please call our office or contact us for your nearest branch.


Local Installers

We also supply a network of contractors, all of whom have attended a one-day residential Firestone training course, enabling them to run a high demand flat roofing company. It is also available as a DIY Kit sold as Firestone RubberCover™. 

Standard features of our service include:

  • Full Site Survey by experienced personnel
  • Complete Report including expected residual lifetime of roof and necessary details
  • Recommendations for new or remedial works and the appropriate installation system
  • Quotation based on experienced estimation, survey, report and recommendation
  • Site Safety Planning is included as the norm, including conformance to all relevant Health and Safety Regulations
  • All helping to provide Reliable and Professional permanently Waterproof Flat Roofing Installations
Find a local contractor by clicking here.


Quality Mark

20 Year membrane warranty. A laminated and company sealed warranty given with every installation, that has been installed by a registered installer.


OSCAR Scheme

We operate the National Training Centre for Firestone RubberCover at our premises. On Site Competence Assessment Report - an optional scheme we can provide for the tradesman that wants to stick out from the rest. A third-party company will inspect the installers work, and certificate them once they have passed the stringent test. Full details upon request. Find out more here.