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Flat Roofing Customer Testimonials

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Hi Debbie
Just wanted to drop you guys an E-Mail to let you know that I have completed the installation of my garage roof, took me about 7 hours 
(first time though) and was totally amazed how easy it actually was. Downloaded the instructions, they were also easy to 
follow..........what a great system.  My lounge extension flat roof will be next.
Many thanks to you and Nick for your help. Cannot praise permaroof enough.

Very Best


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Just wanted to say what a brilliant product and service.
I am a retired builder, but found the product really easy to fit on to a detached garage 6mt x3mts and it looks fab.
Anyone with good DIY skills would be able to manage.

J.H of Milton Keynes

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Finally got the weather window we needed to fit the roof, had a few problems we didn't foresee but not with your product with our base - turns out it was mostly blockboard and it was wet and like shredded wheat, had to remove the lot and start again. All done now and we have a nice dry garage again

Think people are quick to complain when a product isn't up to scratch but no so when it is. Your service was exceptional, delivery was quick, you answered all my questions without making me feel like a nuisance and the product was easy to fit, does what it is made to do and looks great.

Perfect service
Thank you


Steve F.

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Here is my story.
I realised I had inherited a leaky felt covered roof from the previous home owners on a log cabin in our garden
I sealed this with bitumen as temp measure whilst I investigated alternatives.
I had a quote to do the work of £4500 this was far too expensive
So I started a search online
I found Permaroof straight off
The live chat option popped up and I made my enquires.
The assistance given straight away gave me confidence to tackle the job
With the video aides online and PDF docs along with further Chat sessions when I had specific question.
The order was placed the packages arrived a few days later.
With help from a couple of lads from a building firm we boarded and insulated the roof
Then set about fitting the EPDM
The covering was quick and simple to use
The Glues however are to be treated with caution!
I managed to engage my Wife to help with the WBA and she got stuck to everything.
Once I had the main roof portion stuck down
The first day was over
Day two I sealed the perimeter and the joint strip
Also fitting the Drip rail (highly recommended).
The whole process was completed start to finish in 2 days with a brief rain delay.
The 7m by 6.5m log cabin is water tight, warm and looks a treat.
The product and assistance from  Permaroof made the process simple and cost £2.5k less than the original Quote.
I will use again if I ever need to and highly recommend them.
Yours faithfully 


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“The training was very well thought out and delivered…Rob’s knowledge of the course was obvious and practiced. His demonstrations and explanations were very clear and the training was pitched perfectly with clear and precise instructions. Everyone was included with every aspect of the training, demo’s followed by us having a go under supervision – a tried and tested method which clearly worked well. Rob showed all the pre-made available details (outlets etc.) and demonstrated their use. He showed skills and offered good tips to make each action easily achievable.
I have attended lots of training courses, and evaluated many too – I think Rob is up there with the very best”

Simon Dixon, Technical Manager – Competent Roofer & NFRC

Permaroof Training Course