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Roof Extension Materials

Keeping the UKs domestic and commercial building extensions reliably watertight

The UKs homeowners are increasingly choosing to add building extensions to offer additional living space in their homes over moving to a bigger one, according to many industry professionals. These types of large home improvement projects require much more planning if they are to come in on-time and on-budget. On a global scale, homeowners are also looking towards the latest materials in a bid to lower carbon footprints and attain greater sustainability. This worldwide trend is highlighting the benefits of EPDM roofing systems for the flat roofs of extensions in all types of climates. EPDM membrane offers 100% waterproofing over its life expectancy of more than 50 years if prepared and installed correctly.

Permaroof stock Firestone RubberCover membrane in two grades – standard and premium grade for heavier-duty installations.


Standard EPDM Roofing

Premium EPDM Roofing

EPDM Rubber Membrane - Standard EPDM Rubber Membrane - Premium
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The importance of insulation

Insulating your roof extension is of paramount importance to tick the energy-saving boxes of your project. Whether you’ve selected a warm roof or cold roofing method, insulation can make a real difference to the energy rating of your entire home.

Any flat roof project can benefit from good quality insulation. Permaroof stocks Firestone Resista AK, which uses foam technology to deliver a Global Warming Potential of less than 5 and produces zero Ozone Depletion Potential. This environmentally friendly option is perfect for use with Firestone RubberCover for roof extension installation and Permaroof high-quality fixings.


RESISTA AK Insulation

AK Insulation Fixings

RESISTA AK Insulation Board Permaroof Insulation Fixings
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Realising the benefit of natural lighting with roof skylights

Creating additional living space in the home can offer families the chance to spend more time together in a comfortable environment. The addition of skylights in the flat roof of an extension project can give the illusion of a much bigger space and allows the natural light and heat of the day to pour inside. The energy saving benefits are clear, but skylights also provide the wow factor for an otherwise plain ceiling.

Permaroof skylights are available in an extensive range of sizes and design features. They offer all the energy saving benefits and add aesthetic value to your projects.

Glass Edge Skylights

Permaroof Glass Edge Skylights
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Completing the roof extension waterproofing with edge trim and gutters

Roof extension projects can never be fully watertight and completed without edge trims and gutters. These finishing touches are important for waterproofing, but also add aesthetic value to complete the project.

Permaroof has developed a range of edge and gutter trims that are perfect for EPDM flat roof extensions, effectively trapping the membrane and creating a watertight, reliable seal. We also stock associated accessories to lock joining trims in place for the lifespan of the project. Made from virgin extruded UVPC and plastics, our trims and mouldings offer high performance over the long term.


Permaroof Gutter Trim

Permaroof External Corner

Permaroof Gutter Trim Permaroof External Corner
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Keeping gutters clear

The nature of many flat roof extension projects often means that should roof leaks occur, there is a strong chance that there are goods and decorations inside that can be damaged. One of the most common reasons for leaking flat roofing is down to clogged gutters.

Permaroof has an innovative, easy to install solution. The Gutter Brush offers a simple, yet highly effective solution in the form of a polypropylene-bristled brush. Affectionately, and acceptably known as The Hedgehog for clear reasons, the gutter brush is guaranteed to save money on professional gutter clearing for years.

The Gutterbrush sits inside most types of gutter and can be secured at each end using the twisted wires that join each 4m length together. The design, akin to a bottle brush, enables rainwater to pass through, while leaves, twigs and other debris remains caught in the bristles or blown off and away from the gutter.

Find out more about the Gutterbrush and buy online here .

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