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Fast, easy and long-lasting shed roof replacement – kits ideal for DIY

Permaroof shed roof kits provide a fast and easy solution to replacing outdated shed roof coverings such as felt. Using EPDM rubber membrane means that your shed roof will be reliably waterproofed for many years to come and may even outlive the shed itself, with an unmatched EPDM life expectancy of 50 years and more. EPDM shed roof kits from Permaroof can be custom-built to any size and shed or garage type, and include everything needed to complete the job first time with no waste.

Available in two grades – Standard at 1.14mm and the Premium grade at 1.52mm for heavier duty installations, EPDM rubber roofing membrane from Permaroof is suitable for a wide range of flat roof projects and can be custom cut to any size.


EPDM Shed Roof Kit


Shed Roof Covering Kit
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Ideal shed roofing system for DIY

Installation of a shed roof has been traditionally the type of job a DIY enthusiast would consider with a handful of tacks and a piece of felt. Other types of shed roofing are traditionally unsafe and tackled only by the professionals with the torch-down method or using hot bituminous substances to create the waterproofing layer. Although tacks and felt are the safer option, the waterproofing is dubious, to say the least. The introduction of EPDM membrane has made it easy for today’s DIYer to complete shed roof replacement safely and provide 100% reliable waterproofing, without a tack in sight.

EPDM membrane is an innovative alternative to felt shed roofing manufactured in the United States from synthetic compounds and carbon black, which gives it its remarkable resistance to UV radiation and ozone. It can be applied in a single piece, which is the first hint that it may be a revolution in the DIY market. Some of its other attributes are:
  • Water-based adhesive application
  • Few tools needed
  • Superior longevity and resistance to UV
  • Readily available for the DIY market in kit-form
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Expected to last for more than 50 years

EPDM is a flexible flat roof membrane, which can be quickly and easily installed with just a few simple tools, once preparation of the roof deck is carried out.

When the shed isn’t ‘just’ a shed

Sheds are a great addition to any garden. Not only can they be used as storage for all those garden accessories, but they have a wide variety of other uses too. You can make them a workshop for you to finish all those tasks that need doing, or you could even have a shed that doubles up as a summer house, ready for you to hide away and read or book or simply relax.

The trouble with sheds is that they need to be durable and able to withstand all the things that the weather can throw at them. Which means that you need to think about how to best protect them. The best place to start has to be with the roof. After all, without a good quality roof, you are going to have a leaky and sub-standard shed.

Today, many homeowners are changing the way they view their homes and gardens, especially when it comes to increasing environmental awareness and making changes to the way they live. A growing number of people are creating garden offices, study rooms, cinema’s and bars in their sheds and need to rely even more on a good shed roof covering to protect the goods inside.

Green roofing is also taking off across the UK’s gardens and EPDM shed roofing kits can provide the ideal base from which to create a living roof to attract wildlife and bring an aesthetic beauty to an otherwise dull shed roof. Visit the Permaroof green roof division to find out more about what you can do with your shed roofing.