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Flat Roof Project | Permaroof News UKFlat Roof Kit Builder App

Permaroof’s flat roof kit builder app lets you work out your order in four easy-to-follow steps, resulting in a full kit list in minutes for any flat roof project you are working on.

Flat roofers all over the UK are benefitting from our innovative app to save time and waste in projects for both trade and DIY. Our system does all the work for you, and providing the information you input is accurate, the resulting list will detail every single item you need to complete the flat roof installation. You can adjust the list as you see fit, then send it to Permaroof for a fast quotation.

Gone are the days of ready reckoning, long gone! Now you can turn your flat roof quotes around more quickly than ever before, and know you have an accurate, reliable kit list.

How does the flat roof kit builder app work?

The flat roof kit builder from Permaroof can be accessed online via the website here. Try it now, it’s free, and will only take a few minutes.

Working out your flat roof order is easy. You are guided through each of the four steps, and asked to input information such as:

  • Flat roof size
  • Shape
  • Adjoining walls
  • Extrusions – chimney pipes, flat roof skylights etc
  • Trim detail


Using the information provided, the Permaroof flat roof kit builder system calculates the materials needed to complete your project. EPDM rubber roof membrane is laid in a single piece, so it is critical that these measurements are accurate, to enable us to provide the right size. By the time you have completed the four steps, your order list is ready for you to review, amend, download and save, print and send to Permaroof UK Ltd for your quote. We turn around our quotes fast, and offer next day delivery on almost all our high-quality products.

Have you thought about buying a standard sized flat roof kit? Perfect for DIY flat roof installations, our kits come in a range of sizes. Find out more.