Firestone QuickPrime Plus Primer


Firestone QuickPrime Plus Primer Firestone Quickprime Plus is designed to clean and prime the EPDM membrane prior to application of Quickseam products. Quickprime Plus must be applied with a Quickscrubber Pad and Handle. Preparation Surfaces to be primed must be clean, dry and free of foreign materials, talc and dirt. Pre-cleaning with Splice Wash may be required. Stir Quickprime Plus thoroughly before and during use. When exposed to lower temperatures for a prolonged period of time, restore to room temperature prior to use. Pour the required amount of Quickprime Plus into a bucket for ease of application. Application Apply Quickprime Plus to the EPDM membrane with a Quickscrubber Pad and Handle, using long back and forth strokes with moderate

Permaroof UPVC Gutter Trim


Permaroof UPVC Gutter Trim Available in Black, White or Anthracite Grey Size 2.5m / Back Plate Dimensions - 75mm Depth, 20mm width (approx) A unique and patented design. Used along the Gutter edge. It sandwiches the EPDM roofing membrane eliminating penetration when fixing. It is a 2 part trim sold together and comes in 2.5m lengths. APPLICATION The Gutter back plate must be installed prior to the membrane, the top of the plate must be flush with the deck. The EPDM will overhang approx 50mm , the front plate is then pushed under the hook of the back plate with the membrane between the two, this will then clip into place to form a smooth finish. Extruded using virgin

Permaroof UPVC Edge Trim


Permaroof UPVC Edge Trim 2.5m Lengths Black White Anthracite Grey For Further Product Information Please do not hesitate to contact us. Orders placed before 2pm will usually be delivered the next working day (mainland uk). Collection available from Alfreton, Derby We are the manufactures of the Permaroof Trim and we guarantee to beat any price on the internet. Free Installation guides available on request via e-mail or post Features and benefits Designed with its own water-check kerb to be used around the perimeter of a flat roof to direct water towards the gutter edge. Extruded using virgin plastic ensuring colour fast, non brittle, identical profiles. Manufactured BSI Quality assured to 99.9% accuracy. Permaroof Bond & Seal or Permaroof Closed

Firestone Bonding Adhesive BA-2012


Firestone Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 Firestone Building Products is pleased to introduce its new Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 as an alternative to its current bonding adhesives. The new contact adhesive is used for the adhesion of RubberGard™ and RubberCover™ EPDM membranes on to similar substrates as the existing adhesives. In application, the new Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 is more fluid and with a higher solid content, resulting in improved coverage rates. In addition, the BA-2012 can be applied using a roller, SuperSpreader or sprayer. The latter methods result in even higher coverage rates. Coverage: 2.5L - 7.5m2 5L - 15m2 10L - 30m2 The Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 is available in three different sizes: 2.5, 5 and 10 L pails. Additional information about

Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair


Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair Waterproofs instantly Only one coat needed for fast repairs Ready to use straight out the tin – no catalysing or mixing components required Ideal for general maintenance work Contains fibres that provide extra strength for the coating and interlace to cover small gaps or cracks Cold applied for maximum safety – no risks from open flames and other hot works Suitable for application in temperatures as low as 5°C or as high as 25°C Rainfall after application has no adverse effect Buy Now

6″ Batten Cover Strip


6" Batten Cover Strip 150mm Wide. Sold Per Linear Metre Firestone Batten Cover Strip is a semi-cured EPDM and Quickseam Tape laminated designed to cover and seal batten strips and also to join two pieces of EPDM. The release paper has been perforated, resulting in centering marks on the tape which acts as a guide in the application of a EPDM Join. METHOD OF APPLICATION Use of Quickprime Plus and Quickscrubber Pads & Handles to clean and prime the membrane and metal components within the seaming area. Use the centering marks on the tape as a guide to apply the Batten Cover Strip over the Join. Refer to the installation guides for more details. SHELF LIFE Shelf life of

Firestone 9″ Formflash


Firestone 9" Formflash - 1m x 229mm Firestone 9" formflash consists of a 229mm uncured Formflash, factory laminated to Quickseam Tape. The strip is designed to flash inside and outside corners, pipes, penetrations, drain outlets and any other awkward details. Preparation The EPDM surfaces and/or mating surfaces must be dry, clean, free from dust and be prepared with Firestone Quickprime Plus, using a quickscrubber pad. Use of other products is not allowed. Restore the product to room temperature prior to use if exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees for prolonged periods. Application On cloudy days with ambient temperature below 15 degrees, the use of a heat gun is recommended to warm the Formflash and to ensure good formability. On

Firestone Quickseam Corner Flashing


Firestone Quickseam Corner Flashing 216mm Diameter Available either individually or Box of 20 Description Quickseam Corner Flashing is a 216 mm in diameter round piece of uncured EPDM factory laminated to QuickSeam Tape. It is designed to flash outside corners or to be used as a cover patch for repairs where appropriate. Preparation EPDM surfaces and/or mating surfaces must be prepared with QuickPrime Plus, using a QuickScrubber tool. Use of other products is not allowed. Restore the product to room temperature prior to use if exposed to temperatures below 15ºC for prolonged periods. Application On cold days with ambient temperature below 5ºC, the use of a heat gun is recommended to warm the Quickseam Corner Flashing and to ensure

Firestone Quickseam SA Flashing


Firestone Quickseam SA Flashing Firestone SA Flashing is a 457mm wide Rubbercover membrane fully laminated to Firestone Quickseam tape. It has a polyester release liner for easy removal and excellent weather resistance.SA Flashing can be used to line gutters, carry out general roof repairs where cured EPDM is required, sklights, parapets, flash in drain insert pieces and pipe flanges. SA Flashing is a labour saving and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional methods which use contact adhesive for attachment. SA Flashing can be used for curbs or parapets where flashing heights allow. Due to the fact that the Quickseam Tape Technology is used as the adhesive it is considered self-seaming. Simply prime the membrane with Firestone Quickprime Plus to which

Firestone Quickseam Pipe Flashing


Firestone Quickseam Pipe Flashing Quickseam pipe flashings are specifically designed to be used in roofing applications for flashing of round penetrations. Quickseam Pipe Flashings will fit various penetrations and must be cut to correct pipe diameter before installation. This flashing can be used on pipes up to 6 inches wide Quickseam Pipe Flashings may be used to flash penetrations for both EPDM as well as APP and SBS Modified Bitumen systems. Method Of Application Penetration must be clean of prior flashing and foreign materials. Cut along the top edge of the ring on the Quickseam Pipe Flashing corresponding to the size of the pipe. Install the Pipe Flashing, clamping ring and lap sealant. Product code: 333805 Buy Now