Liquid Roofing System [Teaser]


Liquid Roofing System Whether you’re looking for an alternative to laying membrane on your flat roof, scratching your head over how to line an ornamental pond or creating an anti-slip surface for your car parking or garden steps, Permaroof have the solution in its revolutionary liquid rubber product. Permaroof 500 is an easy to apply, liquid waterproofing product that has a wide range of uses, perfect for DIY, trade, commercial and industrial roofing. Flexible and versatile, the P500 liquid rubber roof can be applied direct to a range of surfaces: Timber decking Concrete Asphalt Felt or tar paper Membrane Buy Now

Permaroof500 Liquid Flat Roof Trim System


Permaroof500 Liquid Flat Roof Trim System The ResTrim range consists of pre-formed GRP edge trims for roof and balcony detailing and are specifically designed to create a perfect finish. Easy to apply and suitable for competent DIYers, the drip trim and fascia trim can complement any domestic flat roofing job. Features Damage resistant design Neat, streamlined edge detail for roofing and balconies Ideal for decorative finishes Easy to install Consistent jointing Compatible with other fibreglass systems Method of installation After applying the P500 rubber roof, allow to dry completely before installing the trim. Fix to gutter edge or fascia board with suitable roofing nails and complete with corner ends and caps for a watertight, neat and professional finish. Buy

Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair


Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair Waterproofs instantly Only one coat needed for fast repairs Ready to use straight out the tin – no catalysing or mixing components required Ideal for general maintenance work Contains fibres that provide extra strength for the coating and interlace to cover small gaps or cracks Cold applied for maximum safety – no risks from open flames and other hot works Suitable for application in temperatures as low as 5°C or as high as 25°C Rainfall after application has no adverse effect Buy Now