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Roofing Products

Roofing Products

Permaroof roofing products range is one of the most extensive in the UK, operating online 24/7/365. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable teams are on hand during working hours to assist you with your orders, large or small.

We believe in creating a strong support network for all our customers and provide a wide range of EPDM installation guides in both video and downloadable PDF formats, fact sheets and planning guides - always free for trade, commercial and DIY roofing.

For our full range of products for trade and DIY please visit our online store. For commercial and tradecounter enquiries please browse the services section of this site, which includes Facade waterproofing, information for roofing centres and merchants, training and franchise opportunities for tradesmen and roofing contractors, information on commercial roof projects, other specialist services such as damp proofing, modular buildings, and air tightness solutions, green roofing and liquid roofing.

EPDM Rubber Roof Membranes

Firestone EPDM Rubber Membrane | Flat Roof SuppliesThe ideal alternative to traditional felt roofing, EPDM rubber roofing membrane is unmatched in terms of longevity and performance, offering 100% waterproofing over an expected lifespan of over 50 years.

Available for trade and DIY roofers in exclusive Permaroof EPDM flat roof kits, this rubber roofing system is a must for all your roofing jobs. Available in two grades, EPDM rubber roofing membrane from Permaroof is suitable for a wide range of flat roof projects and can be custom cut to any size.
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EPDM Shed Roof Kits | Fast, Easy Flat Roof Replacement for DIYShed Roof Coverings

Permaroof shed roof kits provide a fast and easy solution to replacing outdated shed roof coverings such as felt. Using EPDM rubber membrane means that your shed roof will be reliably waterproofed for many years to come and may even outlive the shed itself, with an unmatched EPDM life expectancy of 50 years and more.

Available in two grades – Standard at 1.14mm and the Premium grade at 1.52mm for heavier duty installations, EPDM shed roof kits from Permaroof can be custom-built to any size and shed or garage type, and include everything needed to complete the job first time with no waste.

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EPDM Flat Roof Materials | Permaroof UK Roofing SupplierFlat Roof Materials

Permaroof UK stocks one of the largest ranges of flat roof materials in the country and is one of Europe’s leading importers of Firestone RubberCover EPDM membranes and supplies. Ordering from our online store is easy and with Next Day Delivery on most of our materials range, we can help you get the job done fast.

From EPDM membranes, kits and systems to roof skylights and liquid waterproofing, we can help with all your projects, large or small.

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EPDM Flat Roofing | Permaroof UK EPDM SupplierEPDM Flat Roofing

Permaroof has been a strong advocate of EPDM flat roofing since we began in 2000, recognising this revolutionary material as the modern solution to outdated, non-sustainable roofing. Firestone RubberCover has unmatched longevity, with an expected lifespan of more than 50 years, based on proven and measured performance in varying climates and geographical locations.

Our EPDM products range is extensive, and we’re one of the largest importers and distributors of Firestone RubberCover in Europe.
There isn’t much we don’t know and can’t help you with when it comes to EPDM.

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Flat Roof Repairs | EPDM Membranes & SuppliesFlat Roof Repairs

Flat roof repairs need to be made quickly to avoid damage to the roof structure, electrics and of course any possessions you may have in the room or building affected. If you need to repair your flat roof, Permaroof has a range of products that will get your home leak free and protected from the elements.

EPDM roofing systems give greater protection to flat roofing with unmatched reliability over a remarkable life expectancy of 50 years. Hard-wearing and durable, EPDM membranes can outlast other, traditional roof coverings and resist the same types of damage caused by extreme temperatures and UV radiation.

Find out more about flat roof repairs and our innovative emergency liquid fix for damaged roofing.

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Roof Extension Materials | Permaroof UK EPDM SupplierRoof Extension Materials

A flat roof extension project requires a reliable, long-term solution to avoid roof repairs or replacement. The UKs homeowners are increasingly choosing to add building extensions to offer additional living space in their homes over moving to a bigger one. They are also growing more concerned about energy conservation and reduced carbon footprint.

Permaroof has introduced roof skylights to complement EPDM roofing to offer extension projects a sustainable, environmentally-friendly solution to roofing. Our approach looks at UV stability, longevity and energy savings to be made in your extension.

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Roofing Adhesives | Permaroof UK EPDM Roofing SuppliesRoofing Adhesives

Modern roofing adhesives have come a long way in recent times and are safer and easier to apply than ever before. As more homeowners turn to DIY roofing for sheds and garden buildings, our range of water-based and spray bonding adhesives are perfect for use with EPDM membranes.

With a growing interest in the UK in the single ply roofing market, it is critical to ensure a high-quality installation, and the roof deck adhesive is arguably one of the most important factors to consider after the choice of membrane. We include roofing adhesives in our EPDM flat roofing kits, available in a range of standard sizes for both DIY roofing projects and for more complex domestic, trade and commercial roofing.

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Liquid Rubber Roofing | Reliable, Long-lasting Flat Roof SolutionsLiquid Rubber Roofing

Liquid rubber roofing is soaring in popularity across the UKs domestic and commercial market sectors. The flexibility of the liquid system offers a variety of ways it can be used effectively. With options to create anti-slip coatings for steps and paths, high-impact car park and driveway coverings and gutter waterproofing, flat roofing is just a part of what can be achieved with Permaroof500.

Permaroof500 can be applied using simple tools and cures to rainproof level fast. The Permaroof range also provides an effective Emergency Roof Repair using the liquid polyurethane solution.

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Flat Roof Skylights | Perfect for EPDM Roofing SystemsFlat Roof Skylights

The introduction of flat roof skylights can beautifully complement any home extension project, offering the benefits of natural lighting, UV filters and energy saving opportunities. As sustainability and environmental awareness grows, more homeowners are choosing energy saving options.

Permaroof has an extensive range of glass edge rooflights and Mardome skylights with multiple options to suit your exact requirements. With additional kerbs and security features, skylights are perfect for both domestic and commercial EPDM flat roof systems.

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Green Roof Products | EPDM Roofing SuppliesGreen Roof Products

As green roof projects are more widely considered in the domestic gardens of the UK, homeowners are enjoying the long-term benefits of having a living roof. In addition to being kind to the local wildlife environment, green roofs can help reduce the damaging effects of rainwater and stormwater runoff in urban areas.

Using a high-quality base membrane can ensure that the roof deck stays in good shape over the lifetime of the green roof. Let Permaroof help you with your green roof projects.

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DIY Flat Roofing Materials | EPDM Roof SystemsDIY Flat Roofing Materials

Permaroof UK Ltd stock a wide range of DIY flat roofing materials. Our range includes the popular EPDM roofing kits that come complete with everything you need to ensure a watertight, professional-looking finish to all your roofing projects.

For the skilled DIY roofer, EPDM membrane is fast and easy to apply. Safer than other application methods, EPDM installation is ideal for DIY shed and garage roofing, green roof projects and home extensions.

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EPDM Façade Products | Permaroof Custom Roofing & Construction SolutionsEPDM Façade Products

Permaroof’s EPDM façade products offers a reliable waterproofing option for commercial, industrial and domestic properties. We offer a custom cutting service for our façade EPDM, providing any strip size or a full roll in a range of standard sizes.

The high-quality 0.75mm EPDM is ideal for all types of waterproofing, whether for a new construction or renovation and rehabilitation of old buildings and civil works. The nature of EPDM makes it the perfect material for basement tanking, reservoirs and dams and other ornamental applications.

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Flat Roof Insulation Materials | EPDM SuppliesFlat Roof Insulation Materials

Even the simplest flat roof projects can benefit from good quality insulation, whether it is a home extension or a garden office. Permaroof stock a wide range of roofing supplies for trade and DIY and offer next day delivery on the bulk of our range. Insulation in a flat roof can prove to be a big energy-saver and can make the most of the lifespan of your installation.

Permaroof insulation board comes in two grades - 120mm and 50mm – to suit a wide range of roofing project types. Get the most from your EPDM flat roof with high-performance insulation, fixings and adhesives.

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Flat Roofing Breather Membrane | EPDM Roofing SuppliesFlat Roofing Breather Membrane

Breather membrane in flat roofing can make a significant difference to the lifespan and condition of the roofing, whether you’ve gone for a warm or a cold roof design. High-performing, our breather membranes are fully certified and guaranteed to offer the highest levels of protection against condensation in your roof.

Permavent controls the moisture content and is the only 3-layer breather membrane to pass the BBF air permeability test. Our membranes are available in a range of size options to suit your requirements and project type. Talk to the team if you need any help with your orders on 01773 608839.

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