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Firestone RubberCover for Flat Roofing | Single Ply Membrane
Specialist Services

Permaroof Specialist Services Division

Portable Buildings

Permaroof® can offer EPDM for a variety of different uses. We supply to portable building manufacturers, shed manufacturers, garden offices etc. Anything you need, we can generally tailor make a solution for you. Cut to size blankets in large quantities, even at short notice, we are here for you. 20-year Insured warranties available.

Air Tightness Solutions

We offer an EPDM strip cutting service and are able to cater for large quantities, using specialist cutting machines, from 100mm upwards, and also a selection of adhesives and sealants to complete the installation process.

Facade Solutions

For this application we can offer bespoke cut to size strips or roll quantities of a wide selection of widths of EPDM.

Damp Proof Membranes

EPDM is ideal for this application, and we can offer the best advice on what solution you could be looking for. Get in touch with your requirements and our technical services team will furnish you with the right application details.

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