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Making the UK greener – one roof at a time

Green roofing | Permaroof Green Roof DivisionPermaroof UK Ltd is passionate about green roofing. Our green roof division is dedicated to the provision of one of the most environmentally friendly and beautiful forms of flat roofing. We’ve been helping homeowners and commercial property owners all over the country create stunning green roofing projects and designs for a wide range of uses, from pure aesthetics to practical spaces – and everything else in between.

As one of the country’s largest EPDM suppliers, Permaroof offers unsurpassed customer support and service values. Our award-winning sales teams are knowledgeable roofers and the green roof division is dedicated to making the UK greener – one roof at a time. EPDM provides the perfect base membrane for a green roof and this is arguably one of the most important layers.

Talk to the green roof team on 01773 608839 and let us guide you through green roofing. We can help you with a green roof kit that you can install yourself, or we can recommend a trusted and experienced green roof team to do that for you.


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What is green roofing?

Green roofing has been around for thousands of years. Early green roofs consisted of moss, leaves and woven twigs to keep out the rain and later came reed or thatched roofing. Modern green roofing is a bit different. Consisting of layers of material, today’s green roofs can help with urban rainwater management and reduce surface flooding in some areas. They can also provide a haven for wildlife and this has in recent times contributed to its rise in popularity.

The construction of a green roof relies on a reliable base membrane to provide the waterproofing layer on the roof deck. EPDM membrane has a typical life expectancy of more than 50 years, making it the ideal, reliable base membrane for a long-lasting installation.

Liquid roofing can also provide a reliable base waterproofing layer for intensive green roofing. This can also be useful in the creation of walkways through extensive green roofs. Talk to the Permaroof green roof team to find out which is the best option for your project.


P500 Liquid Membrane

P500 Anti-slip Medium

Permaroof500 Liquid Membrane Dome Roof Skylights
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Planning your green roof

It’s all in the planning with a green roof! Right from the start, a green roof needs to be carefully planned, starting with an assessment of the project. A green roof is much heavier than a typical flat roof installation, so the first step is to calculate the current state of your roof before you begin. Get a surveyor or building inspector in to ensure the current roof deck will carry the additional weight. Remember that the soil and planting layers will absorb rainwater, which will add to the dry weight.

Skipping this step could prove a costly mistake once the green roof is completed. Some local authorities may require planning permission for a green roof, and this is worth checking out as part of the initial planning.

Permaroof UK can help you to plan your green roofing project. We can help you with every step from the base membrane to the top planting layer. Our flat roof kits can help seal the roof deck completely and give you a good grounding to work from. We can also help with trim to effectively seal around the gutter area and ensure no water ingress at this part of the roof.


EPDM Flat Roof Kit

Flat Roofing Trim

EPDM Flat Roof Kit Flat Roofing Trim
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Using artificial grass

Green roofing with artificial grassPermaroof also stocks a range of artificial grass products if you’re after something a little different for your garden roofing projects. PermaLawn products are hard to tell from natural grass and can add a splash of colour and a touch of fun to sheds, garages, garden offices and other outside buildings or roof terraces.

Fixed over existing waterproofing, artificial grass can be attached using adhesives or mechanically fixing as a design feature.

Browse the PermaLawn site for the full range.

Talk to Permaroof

If you’ve been considering a green roof project for your home or commercial property, you’ve come to the right place. Our customer service values are second-to-none and we’re experienced and knowledgeable enough to guide you through your orders.

The green roof division can help you to plan and install projects of all sizes. Whether you’re a homeowner with a desire to create an environment for bees on your garden shed or you’re a commercial building owner looking for an extensive roof terrace for entertaining, the Permaroof team are happy to help.

Find out more about the Permaroof green roof division today and talk to the team on 01773 608839.