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DIY Flat Roofing Materials

High-quality, easy-to-apply flat roof products for DIY roofing

Permaroof UK stock a wide range of DIY flat roofing materials to make life easier for the handy homeowner that likes to tackle vital home improvements and repairs himself. EPDM rubber roofing systems are fast and easy to apply for a skilled, confident DIYer, and we stock a range of flat roofing kits that come ready-to-go with everything included for a roof replacement.

EPDM membranes are available in two grades – standard 1.14mm, premium 1.52mm for heavier duty installations.


EPDM Membrane 1.14mm

EPDM Membrane 1.52mm

EPDM Membrane 1.14mm EPDM Membrane 1.52mm
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Complete EPDM flat roofing kits

Using a complete flat roof kit is ideal for the DIY homeowner, removing the worry about ordering the right quantities of everything. We stock standard shed roofing kits in a range of sizes to suit your needs, and we can also tailor an EPDM flat roofing kit to your exact requirements. A bespoke kit can include roof trims and fixings, accessories and even skylights if you need them.
Roofing kits from Permaroof include everything you need to get the job done and with next day delivery, you can buy today and fit tomorrow.


EPDM Flat Roof Kit

EPDM Shed Roof Kit

EPDM Flat Roof Kit EPDM Shed Roof Kit
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The Permaroof sales teams are knowledgeable and experienced roofing professionals who really know their stuff. We’re happy to talk you through your project and help you put together an EPDM kit list. Talk to us on 01773 608839 during working hours or use the live chat facility on our website for a quick answer to your query.

Why are EPDM roofing systems popular for DIY?

EPDM flat roofing materials are a far cry from traditional flat roof products. Felt, tar paper and other bitumen-based systems are becoming less common as the benefits of EPDM membranes are realised.

Easy to apply

EPDM membranes are typically laid in a single sheet for most domestic projects. This is ideal for DIY installation, as there are no joins to worry about.

Basic tools

For preparation of the roof and application of the new membrane, just a few simple tools are required. A domestic brush, rollers or pad to apply adhesive and penny rollers to help with the edges.

Cold-applied adhesive

EPDM membranes are adhered with a cold system using water-based adhesives and bonding adhesive. Traditional methods often require the use of hot substances or tools for application and this is a big advantage for the EPDM system for DIY use.


Water-Based Adhesive

EPDM Roofing Tools

Water-Based Adhesive EPDM Roofing Tools
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Handling DIY flat roof repairs

Here at Permaroof, we stock a range of products that can make a DIY flat roof repair fast and easy. Liquid rubber offers the perfect emergency repair solution that delivers a long-lasting, reliable finish. Applied with a brush or roller, liquid rubber cures fast and is effective immediately against further water ingress.


Emergency Roof Repair

EPDM Accessories

Emergency Roof Repair EPDM Accessories
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EPDM roofing systems are not difficult to repair if they become accidentally damaged, using patching and adhesives. The method is not dissimilar to repairing a puncture. The seal must be perfect, however, to ensure continued reliability and if the repair is a critical one, make sure you’re confident in your DIY skills.

Confidence is an important consideration for any DIYer thinking of taking on a critical home improvement project. Safety is the top priority and as you’re working at height, even if on a single-storey extension, garage roof or shed, make sure safety is at the forefront.

If you find you’re not confident about completing your roof repair or replacement, we have a network of qualified, approved professional roofers and are happy to connect you for free via our installer network.

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EPDM training days at Permaroof

If you’re considering a few roofing projects at home, why not consider one of the Permaroof training days? At our headquarters in Derby, we run weekly training days in both EPDM membrane and liquid rubber application. Boost your confidence and get a qualification at the same time.
Find out more about training at Permaroof.

Our range of DIY flat roofing materials brings flat roofing closer to home for many talented homeowners. We offer an extensive resource library too, filled with EPDM application tutorials, data sheets, product sheets and a wealth of tips and advice to help you plan your roofing projects. We also have detailed video tutorials to guide you through some of the tricky bits.

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