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Green roofing with liquid rubber | Permaroof UK LtdThe use of liquid rubber for flat roofing is increasing in popularity across the UK, as are installations of green roofs to add aesthetic value and to tick vital environmental boxes, especially in urban areas. Permaroof UK is a strong advocate of green roofing, being passionate about making the country greener – one roof at a time.

Green Roof division is dedicated to helping the UK’s homeowners achieve beautiful green roofing projects and committed to the use of the latest and greatest innovations to do so.

We offer a range of supplies to help with green roofs – from membranes to planting medium and everything else in between.

Creating a liquid rubber base for green roofing

Permaroof500 liquid rubber roofing membrane offers an alternative to EPDM sheet membrane. The base layer of a green roof is arguably the most important, needing to provide 100% waterproofing across the entire roof structure.

Using a liquid rubber membrane is ideal for this base layer, particularly if your flat roof has odd-shaped corners or extrusions where single-ply roofing membrane is harder to install.
Liquid rubber roofing is fast and easy to apply to most types of roofing project and can adhere well to a wide range of surfaces, including, but not limited to:
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Timber
  • Asphalt
  • Existing membrane
  • Asbestos

Often covering with just a single coat, liquid rubber waterproofing offers a reliable, fast and easy system ideal for DIY projects.

Long lasting approach to green roofs

Liquid rubber roofing for green roof base layer | P500 Both EPDM sheet membrane and the P500 liquid rubber waterproofing systems are suitable for green roof projects and provide a long-term solution for this specialist type of roofing. Green roofs are more labour intensive to create than simple reroofing projects, so require an approach that will offer longevity and reliability.

With many layers to add, including heavier drainage layers often made up of gravel and other small stones, ensuring the base layer remains stable and intact is a critical process that cannot be overlooked. Green roofs hold a considerable amount of water and need to be reliable for the duration of the installation.

Using liquid rubber for your green roof base is a great way to ensure a reliable watertight seal, perfect for carrying the additional water that your installation will process over its lifetime.

Talk to Permaroof today on 01773 608839 about using liquid rubber for green roofs. We’re experienced and knowledgeable and happy to discuss your projects.