EPDM Training

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Flat roofers all over the UK have been keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations. This includes taking certified training in the application of EPDM roofing. Often these courses involve a one-day intensive training course that will include both product introduction and practical application training. Attending a Firestone-approved training centre can offer certification and further opportunities for business expansion to trade roofers. Some training centres open roofing courses to the DIY sector too.

Certified EPDM training at Permaroof

Permaroof UK Ltd operates the National EPDM Training Centre from its headquarters and distribution centre in Derby. As one of the largest Firestone importers and distributors in the country, we can help our trade roofer customers with a wide range of EPDM products, services, resources and business opportunities. This includes top-class industry training courses.

Our intensive, one-day courses offer a comprehensive approach to EPDM flat roofing. You will receive top-class Firestone-approved training and certification once the course is successfully completed. Lunch and refreshments are included, and you will leave with EPDM samples, course guides and much more. Permaroof EPDM courses are industry-renowned and recognised and offer roofers further opportunities for business expansion. Visit the Permaroof training courses page to find out more.

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