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Posted by - Adrian

New Kit Builder App Launched

The new Kit Builder App for Android is easy to use and has already gained so much interest that we have created a web version for you to try. Visit www.permaroofkit.co.uk for a fully interactive preview that will amaze you in its simplicity and effective ability to customise your roofing project down to the smallest detail and bring back your kit list almost instantaneously.

Add the following features to your project:

  • Input flat roof sizes
  • Allow for extrusions and corners
  • Customise the setting - tell the app about adjoining buildings and other roof surfaces
  • Decide which grade of EPDM membrane you need
  • Calculate edge trims
  • Design the flat roof layout

The super-simple, yet extraordinarily effective app is also perfect for DIY flat roofing and will take the guesswork out of buying roofing materials. We already know that our customers are going to love this Kit Builder App and can see it becoming an essential part of every roofing contractor’s toolbox before long.