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Flat roof kit builder cuts quote times and waste!

Permaroof, Derby: Permaroof UK Ltd is enjoying continued success with its revolutionary flat roof kit builder app and is helping new roofers to speed quote times and cut down on waste materials.

The introduction of the
Permaroof Kit Builder has given new UK flat roofers a chance to make EPDM rubber roofing an integral part of their businesses at a time when EPDM is soaring in popularity for the country’s homeowners.

The Permaroof Kit Builder offers benefits to both trade and DIY flat roofers:
  • In just a few clicks, a full kit list can be produced!
  • Online submission to Permaroof UK Ltd!
  • Free to use online!
  • Accurate flat roof kit building to eliminate waste!
It can be hard for new flat roofers at the start of their businesses to accurately measure the quantities required for all types of installations. The Permaroof Kit Builder App offers a fast, simple way to enter every detail about your project, including extrusions, upstanding walls, joins to other roofing types and much more!