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Permaroof Flat Roof Supplies | EPDM KitsGetting your flat roof projects underway is super-easy with an EPDM kit from Permaroof and now you can do it round-the-clock, even if you need a tailored solution. Our standard flat roof kits can be ordered in any size, 24/7/365 in our online store.

We give a fast, reliable turnaround

EPDM online orders are processed straightaway at Permaroof on working days. With our next day delivery service, we give a fast, reliable turnaround that trade roofers can stake their reputations on.

Buy a
standard flat roof kit round-the-clock here.

You can also tailor a kit to include all the EPDM accessories you’ll need for more complex flat roof projects. We operate a working hours telephone support and orders line, and offer live chat on all our sites for your convenience, but what about if you’re a busy roofer working outside those hours? What if you need a tailored flat roof kit for your project, but don’t have the time to wait? Permaroof has the answer in our EPDM Kit Builder App.

What does the EPDM kits builder do?

As we pride ourselves on customer service and industry support, Permaroof introduced the EPDM Kits Builder as a valuable tool for trade roofers. Always free, being web-based, the Permaroof Kit Builder app is designed to produce an accurate materials list from basic roofing project details.

Once the basic information is entered, like dimensions and membrane grade, there are options to add other details, such as:
  • Roof skylights
  • Extrusions
  • Adjoining buildings and upstanding walls
  • Gutters
  • Drain outlets
  • And more.

These details can determine the need for additional EPDM accessories, tapes and trim, for example, and include these in your kit. Kits can also be tailored to include flat roof skylights and gutters.

What happens next?

Whether you’ve used the app at midnight or 5am, once you’ve sent your kit list to Permaroof, the completed EPDM kit list can be saved for your files and sent to Permaroof directly for a quotation the next working day. You’ll be able to process your EPDM orders as usual and qualify for next day delivery the same as if you’d spent time on the phone with one of our team.

Permaroof make every effort to help you with the smooth running your flat roof business and we understand that being a contractor means that your time is precious and valuable. Try the Permaroof EPDM Kits Builder app online today for free – no sign ups and no fees – just fast, accurate and completely tailored EPDM kits.