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Flat Roof Kit Builder App

The Kit Builder App is the latest labour-saving innovation from Permaroof and is coming soon to the iPhone and Android. In just eight easy steps, you could have a complete kit list ready to send to us and with our fantastic, reliable next day delivery service, you could be installing your Firestone EPDM flat roof kit the very next day!

Firestone EPDM is the answer to sustainable roofing and is the perfect alternative to outdated felt roofing. With cold adhesive application for the unique, one-piece system, it is ideal for DIY shed roofing, garage roofing and a great basis for the installation of a Green Roof project. With promised longevity over an expected 50-year+ lifespan, EPDM can also outlive felt and traditional flat roof coverings over and over again.

Permaroof flat roof kits contain everything you need to create a completely watertight installation - from adhesive to trims - it's all there. With the Permaroof Kit Builder App you can be sure that our kits are tailored to your exact specifications with no waste, no leftovers and no hassle!

Coming soon for iPhone and Android, the Permaroof Kit Builder App can become a valuable addition to the toolbox of professional roofers, saving time and money with fast and easy quotations like never before.

With our super-simple mobile app, DIY flat roofing just got a whole lot easier - produce a kit list and order within minutes. Already available as a web-based app to try online for free today at Permaroof.co.uk - let our incredible Kit Builder App speak for itself and look forward to on-the-go kit building!