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Why is EPDM for DIY Rising?

EPDM rubber roofing has a proven track record spanning more than four decades in the commercial sector all over the world. It has offered trade roofing professionals the sustainable solution to flat roofing that they have been looking for to replace outdated, traditional flat roof coverings, such as bituminous felt.

Felt, also still known as tar paper in the DIY market, has historically been among the most popular of roofing materials for many commercial and domestic installations. With a short lifespan, and a tendency to bubble and crack during temperature fluctuations, felt has proved to be falling short in performance compared to modern roofing materials, systems and solutions.

In the DIY sector, flat roofing has been relatively unreachable to homeowners without high levels of skill. EPDM roofing systems have been changing attitudes in domestic roofing for nearly twenty years, since the first introduction of EPDM flat roof kits, and industry training for DIY roofers and EPDM supplier support have contributed to the rise in popularity in the DIY sector of this revolutionary roofing system. Today, DIY EPDM flat roofing is much more achievable for the average homeowner.

DIY flat roof kits

One of the top reasons DIY is growing in popularity is the improvement in accessibility of EPDM rubber roofing systems. The introduction of Permaroof’s DIY off-the-shelf kits for homeowners has made the purchase of roofing materials much easier. Traditionally, a ready reckoner was used to produce a roofing materials list, and the experience of a tradesperson was heavily relied upon.

Many flat roofing systems, with the exception of felt roofing perhaps, was historically only available from builders’ merchants, trade counters or specialist trade suppliers.

Available in standard sizes, flat roof kits can be bought complete with everything needed to install and apply the EPDM membrane, and can be additionally tailored, via the free, Permaroof Kit Builder app, to include accessories for flat roof extrusions, gutters and edge trims. Now homeowners can be assured that the right materials, in the right quantities can be easily purchased, minimising waste and avoiding over- and under-buying.

Buy a DIY flat roof kit today.

Ease of application of EPDM

The ease of application of EPDM is another factor that is significantly contributing to the growing success of rubber roofing for DIY. The entire system is applied using cold, water-based adhesives and very few tools. Preparation of the surface area is critical, yet straightforward, and a talented DIY home renovator should experience no difficulties with application. Sheet rubber roofing membranes are flexible and laid in a single piece, negating joins, which traditionally are the most vulnerable and difficult-to-tackle points in any flat roof system.

Liquid EPDM waterproofing systems are also suitable for the experienced DIY homeowner, but if in doubt, Permaroof offer industry training days with demonstrations and practical, hands-on learning in the purpose built training centre at our headquarters in Derby. (see below).

Growing confidence in DIY skills through industry training and resources

Confidence is growing in the DIY market all the time in the UK. This is in part due to increased dedicated supplier support for DIY customers.
Permaroof are offering further support to DIY customers in the form of our packed, Firestone-approved EPDM training days for both sheet and liquid EPDM application and resource libraries full of detailed tutorials in both download and video.

Find out more about Permaroof EPDM flat roof training courses.
Find a local, approved EPDM installer.

Safety note: Although confidence is growing, there is a safety aspect to consider in all types of DIY projects, and particularly roofing. When Permaroof introduces an EPDM flat roof kit, it makes no assumption of the skills of the installer. DIYers should assess their own skills level and attend a training course or employ the skills of a professional EPDM installer if in doubt.

With increasing accessibility to high-performance EPDM rubber roofing systems, simplicity of application, sustainability and high-class industry training and resources, it is clear to see how EPDM is contributing significantly to the rise in popularity of DIY roofing across the UK.