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What Happens to My Order?

The Permaroof sales department are kept busy Monday to Friday taking and processing your orders quickly and efficiently to make sure everyone is happy and receives their EPDM roofing systems and accessories as fast as possible.

Permaroof UK Ltd is a big, happy team of people, all working together to deliver the top-class customer service that our clients have grown to expect from us and that makes us proud!

We know that many of our customers order online or over the phone, and don’t get the chance to see how our well-oiled system works behind-the-scenes. We want to change that, so we’ve put together a great video to give you a peep into the typical working day at Permaroof, and to show you just what happens to your Permaroof order once you’ve hit the send button or put down the phone.

Do you want to shop for EPDM supplies with Permaroof?

Now you’ve seen what happens to your EPDM orders, you can be confident that we’re a professional team that know what we’re doing! Almost all our operatives have previous, practical experience within the flat roof industry, and so we’re always ready to help with your orders, whether you’re unsure about your quantities, need assistance with accessories or tools, or whether you simply want to know more about us and our products.

Trust Permaroof to offer great, high-quality EPDM supplies at the best prices and give superior customer service to all our clients, both trade and DIY.

Shop online now for flat roof kits and all your EPDM supplies or find out more about us here.