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EPDM for Green Roofing?

Green roofing is one of the fastest-growing eco-friendly options for homeowners looking at sustainability when tackling home improvements. The UKs homeowners tend to consider the environment during the planning stages of any renovation project in today’s troubling times of climate change and endangered wildlife, and green roofs can offer great benefits that tick many boxes.

What is green roofing?

There are different types of green roofing and the type you choose will depend on the usage you have in mind for the space. Most commonly, green roofing sits on the flat roofs of the UKs garden buildings or extensions and looks, to all intents and purposes, like a garden.

Green roofs consist of layers of materials with a base, waterproofing membrane at the bottom, protected from the drainage layers by insulation medium, and a planting layer on the top. Planting layers typically consist of ground cover, water-loving plants like sedum and other succulents, moss and grasses.

The base membrane is arguably the most important layer to get right. Once you’ve determined that your structure will take the additional weight of a green roof (you may need a surveyor to confirm this), then the membrane must be considered.

Using a good quality, reliable waterproofing membrane is critical for the base layer. The creation of a green roof can be a costly, time-consuming process that will be wasted if the base membrane fails and needs to be replaced.

Why EPDM membrane is ideal for green roofs

EPDM membranes carry a life expectancy of more than 50 years, backed up and proven in the field all over the world in a wide range of climates. With unmatched longevity, EPDM carries a big plus in this respect alone. It is also fitted typically in a single sheet, with no joins. This means that instances of vulnerabilities are negated where other, joined membranes still carry the risk of join failure.

Once laid, EPDM is reliable enough to protect the flat roof deck beneath the green roof from water ingress. Because the planting medium absorbs rainfall so effectively, there is often a consistent water presence that seeps through the drainage layers and protective insulation layers before reaching the membrane. This is where the membrane comes into its own. After investing the time into building and creating a living, or green roofing system, failure of the vital drainage layer could be disastrous.

EPDM membranes are not only reliable but offer the best protection over time than any other membrane to flat roofing. Visit our
green roofing page to find out more about how Permaroof can help you with your green roof projects.