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If you’ve never heard of our free EPDM Kit Builder, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Permaroof introduced the EPDM Kit Builder to make light work of roofing quotes for EPDM roofers and for a number of years, it’s been part of the essential tool kit of many of our trade customers from all over the UK.

Try it online now here.

Why is the EPDM Kit Builder so useful?

Producing flat roofing quotations can be time-consuming and for the busy roofer, is often done after work or during lunch. Some projects are complex and materials-heavy, and this adds even more pressure to turn the quote around for your customer.

The Permaroof EPDM Kit Builder is easily accessible, from a free, web-based platform or via an App available for a range of devices. It allows users to build an EPDM kit list in just four simple steps in which you input your project details:

  • Roofer using the Permaroof EPDM Kit Builder App | Tools for RoofersSize
  • Adjoining walls/buildings
  • Roof detailing
  • Extrusions
  • Drains and outlets
  • Trim requirements
  • And more.

The powerful EPDM kit builder then calculates the materials list within moments, allowing you to save the information or print it out for your files. With the click of a button, you can communicate your kit list to Permaroof, and we’ll come back to you with a fast quote. Simple as that.

Permaroof supports trade roofers

With this accelerated service, and next day delivery, you can trust Permaroof to help you turn your jobs round fast and stay ahead of your competitors. We work with trade, commercial and DIY roofers all over the UK, providing top-class industry products and award-winning sales and customer service support.

The EPDM Kit Builder App is just a part of the support we offer to our trade customers. Working with Permaroof can open doors to exciting business expansion opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a reliable EPDM supplier, thinking of adding EPDM to your trade counter or a contractor with an eye on the future, talk to us.

Try our powerful EPDM Kit Builder online here and see how it could help transform your flat roof quote process.