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The Top Autumn DIY Jobs

Autumn is here, and it can be one of the best times to get those essential DIY jobs done before the cold winter comes in December. But what are the most popular jobs to get done this month? Here’s a checklist of the top Autumn DIY jobs – how many have you completed so far?

Check Your Heating

Now is the ideal time to check your heating is working to full capacity before the minus temperatures begin. Give it a full trial run, and if it isn’t working properly, you can book in any repairs before the weather gets too icy and cold. Repair prices can rise during the winter, so this is a cost-effective job which can save you money in the long run! You should also look at getting your boiler serviced if you are due one – this way you can get it checked by a heating engineer and get any issues fixed as soon as possible. Engineers can get busy at the start of winter, so beat the rush and get it booked in now!

Home Insulation

Autumn is the perfect time to improve your home insulation. Keeping your insulation topped up ensures your water pipes don’t freeze and burst, and you don’t lose too much heat from your house and therefore keep heating bills as low as possible. Your loft insulation should be a minimum of 270mm deep so ensure this is the case to keep your home warm, your bills down and your water pipes in good condition. 

Draft Prevention

This is one of the smaller Autumn DIY jobs on the list, but also one of the most effective. Check all doors and windows for potential gaps that can let in cold air. You can stop the cold drafts coming in by adding inexpensive threshold strips to doors and letterboxes, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. A simple job that can save up to 10% on heating bills! 

Clear Your Gutters and Drains

Your guttering can become easily clogged during Autumn with the fallen leaves and branches, which can prevent the smooth flowing of water away from your home. It’s recommended that you check your gutters a couple of times a year, especially as the colder and wetter months draw near. Clogged gutters can cause water damage in your property and a wealth of potential repairs. 

Get Your Roof Checked

The unpredictable summer weather can be your roof’s worst nightmare from the scorching weather to the sudden downpours. The rain can easily penetrate broken or missing tiles, which can, in turn, damage your home. Check your loft for signs of leaking after a heavy rain pour. If you have any damage to flat rooves, why not use EPDM Rubber Roofing instead? It has a life expectancy of up to 50 years and is not susceptible to damage from hot or cold weather. It’s especially useful for garage and shed roofs, and application is quick and simple making it an easy DIY task. Find out more here: https://www.permaroof.co.uk/flat-roofs

Protect Your Decking

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your garden decking. Use Autumn as a time to protect your decking by using specialist cleaning products to remove mould, and then adding staining products to keep your decking looking better for longer. Finish this off by adding a sealant and protectant so that it is safe from all the weather elements. 
How many jobs have you completed so far? Have any of these jobs involved our Firestone EPDM or Permaroof Liquid Coatings? We love getting your feedback and seeing your pictures of the jobs you’ve done! Email us today – info@permaroof.co.uk