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The Sky’s the Limit – Permaroof Acquires The Skylight Company

It is a very exciting time at Permaroof right now. Following our unprecedented growth in 2018, we are expanding in terms of our products, services and our space! In line with our mission to be the go to company for all of your roofing needs, we have acquired The Skylight Company, adding another high quality roofing solution to our ranks.
Skylights are roofing products that we are passionate about. Installing a skylight into a roof has so many great benefits and we love to see the amazing results that can be achieved. We recognised that our customers would really benefit from being able to buy their skylights directly from us, knowing that they would be able to enjoy the same great service and quality that they are accustomed to with our other roof products.
To accommodate our growth, we have expanded our business premises so one of Europe’s largest importer and distributors of Firestone RubberCover is now even bigger! In conjunction with PMW Property, we have increased our warehouse space, as well as created more space to house our new commercial sales division and our growing Contractor Programme.
How the acquisition will benefit our customers
Our customers will be able to buy all of their roofing products from the same, high quality, reliable supplier. Permaroof is proud to build great relationships with our customers, offering a high quality of support and a range of other useful benefits.
As you may have seen with our rubber roofing, we offer training that can help people to start up a new trade and we provide marketing that our merchants are able to use for their sales marketing, to give a few examples of our unrivalled services. We will be offering this same level of support and opportunities with skylights.
The benefits of installing skylights
There are so many benefits for buildings that have skylights installed and we highly recommend them for anyone that is considering having one fitted. Benefits include:
  • Adding brightness to a room through natural daylight, which is healthier than artificial lighting.
  • You can save energy costs by reducing the amount of light fixtures that you use.
  • A room can feel more spacious and adds to the architectural design of the building.
  • In rooms that require cooling, having vented skylights can reduce cooling costs by allowing heat to escape.
These are just a few of the great benefits that you can expect when you get a skylight installed. There are a number of considerations that you will also need to think about before you make your final decision on whether to install a skylight, such as the type of roof it will be installed into and also how much it will cost.
You can visit our
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