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Popularity of Permaroof Kit Builder App Soars

EPDM kit builder saves time and money for flat roofers!

Permaroof, Derby: Permaroof UK Ltd is pleased to announce that its flat roof kit builder app is soaring in popularity! The country’s leading EPDM flat roof supplier, Firestone-approved training centre and resource provider continues to expand on its award-winning sales and customer service record.

The introduction of the Permaroof Kit Builder has proven to be a major success, and has been making the preparation of building quotes fast and easy for roofers all over the UK.

With the kit builder app available to use for free online, or via Apple and Google Play apps on mobile devices, the uptake has been truly astonishing,’ said Permaroof CEO Adrian Buttress, ‘We pride ourselves on making life as easy as possible for our customers, and the Kit Builder App has been one of our most useful and successful resources.

The Permaroof Kit Builder offers benefits to both trade and DIY flat roofers:

•             Accurate kit lists to eliminate waste!
•             Produces flat roof kit lists in just four steps!
•             Ability to submit online to Permaroof for a fast quote!
•             Available to use free online!

About Permaroof: Permaroof UK Ltd is the country’s leading provider of genuine Firestone EPDM flat roof systems, training and award-winning customer service support. Find out more about the Permaroof Kit Builder