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Find out more about our Green Roofing Division | Permaroof UKStart Planning Your Green Roof

The Permaroof Green Roofing Division is dedicated to making the UK greener – one roof at a time. Our specialist green roof systems are designed to deliver all the environmental benefits of this sustainable solution to roofing, in addition to the creation of a beautiful piece of architecture to enhance your home or workplace.

Permaroof has an extensive working knowledge of roofing and a commitment to green roof development. We can provide a full service for your green roof project, from initial planning and advice, right through to construction, supply and planting. We work in partnership with some of the UK’s best green roof producers and promise top quality, well-rooted plants that will give your project the best start.

A green roof project involves complex layering and getting this part right is the key to its sustainability. Waterproofing the roof deck and constructing drainage layers is critical and must be tackled in the correct order to ensure the water stays where it is supposed to stay, and drains away efficiently in other areas.

Planning permission should be sought for your green roof project from the appropriate authorities, and you must make sure that your current roof deck is able to support the additional weight of the roof when completed.

Permaroof Green Roof Division can help you to plan your installation in advance. We are a friendly, experienced team with extremely competitive packages to ensure your green roof remains beautiful for many years. Find out more on our dedicated Green Roofing page.

We welcome trade enquiries from developers, contractors and architects and look forward to working with you towards our goal of a greener UK.