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Get Your Shed Ready for Winter

With winter around the corner, it makes sense to use the last of the lovely autumn weather to get household jobs, such as replacing the shed roof, out of the way and ticked off.

If your old shed roof coverings have cracked over the summer, and it is quite likely with the searing temperatures the UK has enjoyed this year, it will make sense to replace it before the colder temperatures, ice and snow arrive. If shed roofing is left unrepaired, then it is far more likely to fail over the winter. This can lead to water ingress and subsequent damage to the shed roof structure, and in the worst cases the damage and loss of the items stored inside.

Using standard EPDM shed roof kits to replace old felt

EPDM shed roofing is the ideal material to replace cracked or worn felt. The longevity of EPDM is so good, at an estimated 50 years plus, that it will probably outlive the average garden shed. Using EPDM is a sensible precaution against weathering, and it is super-simple to apply in a single piece.

Permaroof’s shed roof kits come complete with everything you need to replace a standard shed roof, including adhesive, so there is no worry about buying too much membrane. They are available in a wide range of standard shed sizes and come with full application instructions.

Buy a shed roof kit online before midday and you may qualify for next day delivery too!

What about if your shed isn’t standard?

EPDM flat roof kits can also be tailored to suit the individual project. Some shed types are odd-sized, and some garden sheds have been converted by their owners into leisure spaces, which may have extrusions or guttering to consider.

The Permaroof Kit Builder app is perfect for these types of installations. Using the kit builder gives the homeowner or trade roofer the ideal tool, where specific information can be inputted, such as a chimney flue pipe, or flat roof skylights, for example.

At the end of just four steps, the Kit Builder app produces a full EPDM shed or flat roof kit list that can be saved, printed or sent directly to Permaroof for quotation and order processing. It really is that simple.

Try the Permaroof Kit Builder app online now – its free!

With an EPDM shed roof kit, the process of installation is fast and easy. Permaroof offer instructional material for extra support, in the form of tutorial videos, downloadable PDF installation guides and more.

So why not consider an EPDM shed roof kit this autumn, and get your shed ready for this, and the next few dozen winters at Permaroof.