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Permaroof's best selling rubber roof kit for DIY shed roof replacement | Buy OnlineRubber Roof Kit for DIY

The rubber roof kits from Permaroof offer DIY enthusiasts a chance to make a shed roof 100% watertight, and with an expected lifespan of more than 50 years, the EPDM membrane will probably outlive the shed!
This amazing development has changed shed roofing materials forever, making our rubber roof kit one of our best sellers for the DIY market. In addition, the installation is so simple that it could be completed in around two hours with the correct preparation in place. It is clear to see why our rubber roof kits are so popular, and why the traditional felt roof is being left so far behind.

What is EPDM roofing?

EPDM is a unique product, manufactured in the US from base polymers and rubber. The flexibility of EPDM, and its ability to withstand temperature fluctuations in the extremes, has made it one of the most successful rubber roofing materials in the world.
The EPDM system is installed using a single piece of membrane, even for large surface areas, effectively reducing joins, which in itself is a revolution in the flat roofing industry. Joins are notoriously the weakest point of any roof covering. Allowing water ingress, even in tiny amounts, can cause alarming, and often expensive damage to the flat roof deck and to internal decoration or items stored inside.
DIY EPDM installation is fast and easy, enabling savings for homeowners all over the UK and cutting down, or even eliminating flat roof repair in the future. Once correctly installed, EPDM can be simply forgotten about, as even green roofing requires little or no maintenance.
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