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Roofing Quotes Made Simple

The production of flat roofing quotes can bring headaches for trade roofers and can often prove time-consuming. When profit margins are tight, roofers need to ensure they spend as little time as possible on working out materials for flat roof projects.

Some types of roofing projects are complex and require lots of working out due to awkward shapes and elevations, flat roof extrusions such as chimney or flue pipes and skylights, adjoining buildings and much more. When these types of roofing quotes are produced, they can take significant time and roofers simply cannot afford to make errors as even the smallest mistakes can prove costly over the project span.

How Permaroofkit can help with roofing quotes

Permaroof UK Ltd is one of the country’s largest EPDM suppliers, and also offers a wide range of industry resources to help trade roofing professionals. Permaroofkit is an online app that offers to completely streamline and simplify the production of roofing quotes.

Check out Permaroofkit here.

The free tool allows roofers to input specific details about all types of roofing projects and offers a simplified platform that can produce a kit list in just four steps.

The platform is designed to be easy and fast-to-use, providing trade roofers options for adding extra details about:

  • Extrusions
  • Adjoining buildings
  • Upstanding walls
  • Trims
  • Membrane weight and quality required

Once all the details are added, the app delivers a comprehensive kit list that includes all materials required for the specific project, uniquely tailored to encompass all your details.

The kit list can then be printed out if required or sent directly to Permaroof for quotation purposes. As Permaroof offers a next-day delivery service, roofers can order today and fit tomorrow, further strengthening their value to their customers.

Simplify your flat roofing quotes with the Permaroofkit app – try it today, it’s free!