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Top causes of roof damage by weather conditions

As the roof is at the top of any house, it is constantly exposed to a number of dangers, from stormy weather and heatwaves, all the way down to fallen debris. Regular inspections and maintenance can ensure that small issues won’t develop into large ones. We have outlined 5 of the most common instances of roof damage due to weather.

Sun Damage

UV rays from the sun can cause intense cracking and leave your roof prone to other dangers such as mould, holes and an infestation of insects. Your roof is always exposed to UV rays, with them constantly beating down upon it no matter what the weather. When mixed with oxygen, this can reduce many roofs to dry and brittle compositions.

Ice & Hail Damage

Alternatively, Hail and Ice can also cause damage to your roof if it is not maintained regularly. Depending on the condition your roof is in, this process can be a fast or steady one. In winter, it is not uncommon for your roof to be susceptible to Ice Dams. An Ice Dam is a build up of ice at the edge of a roof or gutter which prevents snow and rainwater from draining from the roof efficiently. They are primarily caused by heat loss, snow on the roof and the air temperature outside of the house reaching freezing levels.

Trees & Rotting Debris

If there are high trees in the area, branches can fall in strong winds and bad weather. Strong winds can also exacerbate the damage caused by stormy weather and broken debris. Dependent on a number of factors, this can either cause small or large problems. Even a new, strong roof can fall victim to debris and rot. If a roof has already been damaged by weather conditions, a large enough tree branch falling on top of it could cause some serious, life-threatening issues. Regular upkeep is recommended to ensure all debris is removed.

Water & Gutter Issues

Gutters are designed to keep the water away and flowing through the drains. However, if they are not maintained or are full of debris the water can build up. This can cause rot, as the water is not flowing properly through the drains. Over time, water can lead to many other structural issues. Unfortunately for many, by the time a roof or gutter leak has been discovered, it has been developing for a while. If enough water gets through the roof, it can cause ceilings to rot and even collapse.

Improper Installation

It doesn’t help when your roofer hasn’t done a good job. Your roof is constantly fighting the elements, and an improper installation can exacerbate the simplest of problems. When looking on installing a new roof, or even if you’re inspecting your own, it’s strongly advised that you consult a professional first.
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