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When a roof leaks, it can lead to damage to roof decks, interiors and goods stored inside. Depending on the severity of the leak, repairing a flat roof yourself needn’t be difficult or time-consuming if you use the right materials and follow the instructions carefully. This does depend on your skill level and every DIY enthusiast needs to know their limits to make sure safety always comes first.

If you’re not confident working at height or tackling the repair yourself, then it is important to call in a professional to handle it for you. If it needs a repair as a matter of urgency, bear in mind that emergency call outs can frequently carry a surcharge, as professionals may have to attend outside working hours or leave another job to get to you quickly.

If it isn’t an emergency repair, we can help you connect with a local, reliable roofer via our nationwide Permaroof Contractor Network. Enter your postcode on
the Installer Network page and we’ll find someone to help.

There are a few ways you can approach repairing a flat roof. Let’s look at a couple that can get you out of trouble.

Emergency Liquid Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair works straight out of the tin and waterproofs instantly in just one coat. This can provide a reliable seal in an emergency situation. Ideal in a maintenance capacity, the liquid rubber solution contains fibres that can help strengthen and seal small cracks easily and reliably.

The liquid is applied using a brush or roller and can be used with other roofing supplies to seal cracks around pipe vents or other extrusions.

Membrane Repairs

Use EPDM accessories to make roof repairs easy | Permaroof flat roof suppliesOver time, some roofing membranes wear and weather, degrading the membrane and allowing cracks and weak spots to appear. If you need to repair membranes or replace the roof altogether, consider using EPDM to provide reliability both for a quick fix roof repair and also over the long-term.

EPDM membranes occasionally need to be repaired if damaged by debris or accidental puncture. It is always advisable to use EPDM accessories, adhesives and sealant to maintain the performance level of the entire roof.

We’ve a wide range of EPDM accessories to help with repairing a flat roof. You can buy online in the Permaroof shop, or call The Permaroof Team on 01773 608839 if you’d like help putting together the right kit for your needs.  

Prevention is better than cure

Although no one can predict an emergency situation, such as storm damage, there are simple checks you can carry out to get advance warning of the likelihood of a roofing failure.

All you need to do is to get a good look at the flat roof on a regular basis. If you’ve got outside buildings, like sheds and garages, look out over them from an upstairs window, particularly after a storm or heavy rain.

Signs you may have a problem brewing:

•    Ponding water
•    Bubbles
•    Overflowing gutters
•    Slow draining drain outlets
•    Uneven surface area
•    Ridges or ripples in membrane or felt
•    Sagging at any point

Spot any of these signs and go inside the building to check the roof internally. Signs to look for could be damp patches or sagging, peeling paint or paper or black spots. Keeping a regular eye on your flat roofing is always a good idea. Get to know your roofs and you will immediately spot when something has changed. Then you will be able to address the issue before it becomes something more serious and expensive with an emergency call out.

Permaroof UK are always on hand to assist with your flat roofing troubles. We’re knowledgeable and experienced roofers too, and happy to talk you through your order. We also offer a wide range of installation guides and information sheets and have step-by-step video tutorials to help you through.

Talk to us about repairing a flat roof, we can help.