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Reduce Flat Roof Repairs

Clogged gutters are one of the most common reasons many flat roof repairs are needed around the UK on domestic properties. Keeping gutters free from debris can become a time-consuming, worrying task for many homeowners, yet a necessary one to reduce instances of costly roof repairs. It isn’t easy to maintain domestic gutters, and if they are left after clogging, they can quickly lead to damage, first to the roof deck and eventually to interior decorations and goods stored inside the property.

What can be done to reduce flat roof repairs?

Regular visual inspections are an important part of flat roofing maintenance, particularly following periods of bad weather – heavy rain, high winds or storms. This is the time when it is most likely that there will be debris within the gutters. Try to remove larger debris by hand to avoid clogging gutters.

Many homeowners engage professional roofers to clear their domestic guttering every year to avoid costly repairs, but this in itself can be a costly exercise. Some confident homeowners will climb ladders to tackle their own gutter clearing, but this can be dangerous, particularly on any roofing higher than single storey.

So, what other options do homeowners have to keep gutters clear all-year-round?

Permaroof Gutterbrush helps keep gutters clear and rainwater free-flowing

A simple, yet very effective innovation is the Gutterbrush. The GutterBrush, affectionately known as The Hedgehog, is manufactured from polypropylene brush filaments wound around a central stainless-steel spine, giving the effect of a bottlebrush.

Once installed, the Gutterbrush sits comfortably within the gutter and prevents debris from entering the gutter. Leaves and sticks are simply blown away or remain caught within the filaments, while rainwater easily enters the gutter and drains away underneath the Gutterbrush.

Permaroof stocks the Hedgehog Gutterbrush in our online store. It is available in 4m lengths and in two sizes (150mm and 100mm) to suit average domestic gutters. Permaroof also offers a money-saving, bulk-buy option to help homeowners manage the cost.

Super-easy to install, the Gutterbrush offers homeowners a reasonably-priced solution to reduce flat roof repairs caused by overflowing gutters.

Find out more about the Gutterbrush today and
buy online in our flat roofing supplies store now. With next day delivery options, you could buy today, fit tomorrow and forget about your gutters clogging for a few years to come.