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Using the app on a regular basis has streamlined the entire process of producing accurate quotations for many of our customers and members of our approved contractor network.

How the Permaroof Kit Builder app works

In just four simple steps, the Permaroof Kit Builder app can accurately calculate required materials within minutes, providing contractors with a comprehensive kit list ready to be sent to our sales department.
Step one asks for roof sizes in either metric or imperial measurements, the grade of EPDM you need, and some basic personal details, including a useful quote reference so you never lose track of your quote information.
During step two you can select the number of edges the flat roof has, in order to calculate the required edge trim. Here you can also select the colour required.
Step three gives you the opportunity to describe extrusions, such as pipework or skylights.
The final step calculates your kit list, including everything you will need – even down to the adhesive and fixings. You can calculate delivery during this step, edit, print or email your comprehensive materials list to Permaroof to receive a tailored price for later reference.
You can see the Kit Builder app in action here for free – check it out today and see how you can simplify your core processes as a contractor. Building quotes will never be the same again!