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Permaroof installation guides can prove to be invaluable for both trade and DIY installers, packed with tips and visual guides to make installation of EPDM rubber roof a breeze.

We have put together a series of PDF documents that can be downloaded or viewed online using any device for the convenience of our clients.

EPDM rubber roof membrane is flexible and easy to install. The increase in its popularity for the DIY market is because of this flexibility. EPDM is installed in a single piece using water-based, cold adhesive application techniques, and can be purchased online in kit form. Buying a rubber roof kit is ideal for the DIYer, as it includes everything you need for installation, and results in no waste.

Even the most inexperienced DIY EPDM installer can tackle a standard-sized roof, such as a shed roof, a garage roof or a flat roof extension project with confidence.

What Permaroof installation guides are available?

The extensive collection of Permaroof installation guides cover every aspect of EPDM rubber roofing. We have a guide to help you install the EPDM membrane itself, and many more to demonstrate trim installation, fully adhered application, mechanically fixed application and even how to repair EPDM membrane if you have an accident.

There can be tricky elements to installing EPDM rubber roof systems, particularly if you have upstanding walls to fix to, or extrusions on the roof deck, such as a chimney or a flat roof skylight. Our installation guides cover it all, and we can back these up with a wide range of accompanying video tutorials.

By downloading our installation guides, you can access them from anywhere using your personal device of choice – even from the roof deck itself – if you are stuck with any aspect of the installation process. Our clear, defined instructional documents have been carefully designed and produced to miss nothing out.

Head on over to our website page now, and browse our list of Permaroof installation guides. Start downloading today!