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Permaroof UK is pleased to announce the arrival of a new video in our resources library – Emergency Flat Roof Repair with Permaroof500 Liquid EPDM.

The latest addition to the Permaroof Liquid EPDM waterproofing system for flat roofing, Emergency Flat Roof Repair, is an innovative product that makes light work of patching up the flat roof. In just a few simple steps, cracks, tears or more serious damage can be made safe in minutes, stopping water ingress which can lead to internal issues in a building or damage to the roof deck.

Permaroof500 Emergency Flat Roof Repair can be worked into even deep cracks in the roof surface with an ordinary paint brush to give a quick, effective and reliable fix.

Watch our online video demonstration on an exterior flat roof surface. The video highlights one of the most common areas of a flat roof to suffer damage – a pipe extrusion. Watch the experienced flat roofer as he tackles the repair in just a few minutes, and see how easy the Emergency Flat Roof Repair product is to use.

Our video resource library contains a wide selection of video tutorials and demonstrations, and all are available for free from Permaroof UK Ltd. In addition to the latest video - Emergency Flat Roof Repair – you can browse and view tutorials to help you with many aspects of EPDM roofing:

  • How to fit a gutter edge backplate
  • How to fit metal counterflashing detail
  • How to install cover strip detail
  • Installing flashing around extrusions using the EPDM pipe boot
  • How to apply EPDM membrane around skylights
  • Membrane application to upstand walls
  • How to remove creases from Firestone EPDM membrane
  • And much more!


There is also a comprehensive resources section on the website that offers downloadable PDF tutorials, white papers, technical data sheets and more.

Visit the video resources page now to find out more.