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Making the UK Greener

Designed to help contractors and homeowners with all their green roofing needs, our Green Roofing division is a part of our business that we are proud of.

Green roofing can create an aesthetically pleasing aspect to any property, enhancing a living space while maintaining an environmentally friendly solution, particularly in urban areas.

We can help you to design your green roof – from providing the basics including advice for the roof structure and additional load-bearing requirements, planning the early-stage layers involved for drainage, root management and planting. We can advise, supply and install everything you need to ensure your green roof project lasts for years and looks fantastic.

Using our extensive knowledge of flat roofing and our first-class, high-performance products, we offer a competitive package for homeowners, contractors and architects across the UK.

Planting a green roof environment is not as easy as it first may appear. There are particular varieties that should be sourced and planted in the right conditions. Sedum is a popular variety for green roofing, but many other plants are available, depending upon your location and aspect. All these elements should be taken into account to ensure that the plants remain viable, especially during the ‘bedding in’ stage, where they are particularly vulnerable to weathering and watering.

Once established, green roof projects can last for many years with very little intervention if all the properties of the installation are tackled correctly and in the right order!

Permaroof UK work in partnership with major green roof producers and aim to offer an invaluable service to our customers. We are passionate about green roofing and are happy to share our knowledge and industry experience with you.

Head on over to our
Green Roofing Division and download a copy of our brochure, containing loads of useful information to get you started. If you have been looking for a new project for your dull flat roof this year, then what could be better than a beautiful green roof?