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Trying to get a flat roof quote can bring on headaches for homeowners all over the UK. Often appointments are made and not kept, or homeowners finally engage a flat roofer and end up with problems.

Here at Permaroof, we understand how it is! We know that there are some great, reliable flat roof installers out there that do a good job for a good price, but we also know that there are a great number of roofers that do not deliver either requirement. We are the UK’s largest independent importer and stockist of flat roof membrane EPDM – part of the country’s fastest-growing sector of the roofing industry – single-ply roofing membrane.

Our industry knowledge and experience positions us perfectly to help you in two ways:

Let us give you a flat roof quote

Visit and complete our flat roof quotation form
here. Let us sort this out for you.


Visit our local installer network

Search for a flat roof installer who is recommended by us in a rigorous process of training, work inspection and financial vetting. You can search by postcode, or contact us for some details of a reliable flat roof professional in your local area. Click here for this option.

Finding the right flat roof installer and the right flat roof materials is key to the success of your project. Don’t leave any of it to chance. Contact us today for peace of mind in your flat roof quote.