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Is your roof winter ready?

Your roof can take a beating from a number of weather conditions. A drastic drop in temperature to a sun-scarred roof could lead to cracks (or bigger cracks) and in turn leaks.
We have outlined the 3 main ways you can ensure you’re ready for winter to hit without worrying about your roof!



In the Autumn, gutters can become clogged and blocked with bits of fallen debris and leaves. Mixed with the wet UK weather and this can turn into a sludge, blocking drains and preventing water flow. As the weather gets colder and winter approaches, it is vital to ensure your gutter is clear from this clutter. This is to keep rainwater and (possibly) snow flowing through your drain. Gutters require maintenance at least every Autumn in preparation for Winter and the year ahead.
Regular maintenance on your Gutter will allow you to catch problems early such as rust and fallen debris. Most issues are solved easily and quickly using a


Ensure your attic/loft is properly insulated in the Summer or Autumn. Making sure the inside of your roof is well insulated can help stop ice damage and condensation issues through heat loss. When your roof is colder, it is more vulnerable to mould, leaks and cracks.


Roof Replacement and Emergency Repair

Summer in the UK doesn’t usually amount to much, with only about 3 or 4 actual days of Summer!
This year, however, the whole country was blasted by heatwaves, culminating in the first true Summer in years!
During hot days, the sun beats down with heat and UV rays – right onto your roof!
Your roof faces a barrage of beatings from various weather conditions, each weakening it that little bit more.
As we leave summer behind it’s important to inspect, repair and replace your roof if necessary. Sun cracked roofs are more easily damaged in wet and windy Autumn weather along with the freezing temperatures that winter brings.

EPDM Rubber Roofing has a life expectancy of up to 50 years and is not susceptible to damage from hot or cold weather. EPDM offers your roof resistance against damaging UV rays, lending properties to its 50-year lifespan.
EPDM Rubber Cover works wonders on flat roofs such as garages and sheds. Once covered, you won’t need to worry about roof damage or leaks again! Its application is quick and simple making it an easy choice for any DIY lovers with no technical knowledge of roofing needed!
Emergency repairs kits are also available as a quick fix liquid solution for any small cracks. Catching a small crack early will halt the development of it becoming a BIG problem in the Winter.
To find out more about Permaroof and Firestone EPDM Rubber Cover Roofing, visit our website: https://www.permaroof.co.uk/flat-roofs