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How to Avoid Clogged Gutters

Avoid clogged gutters this winter with the Permaroof Hedgehog gutter brush – the roofing industry’s answer to leaking gutters and clogged drains.

When gutters become clogged, which is very easily done at this time of year with the leaves falling faster than they can be swept up or cleared, water damage to domestic and commercial roofing is never far behind. Leaves and other typically-autumn debris rapidly block guttering as once wet, they stick to the gutters and do not easily wash away. Those that do wash down the down-pipes can clog the drains and cause overflow issues.

Having your gutters cleared is an annual maintenance job that homeowners all over the country spend £££s on every single year, or risk injury climbing ladders to attempt to clear the gutters by hand. It is time for a change!

What Permaroof can do to help avoid clogged gutters and save you money

The hedgehog gutter brush is a simple invention and quite brilliant in its concept. Synthetic bristles are wound around a central, steel spine in a similar arrangement to that in a bottle brush or chimney cleaning brush.

Available in 4m lengths, the gutter brush can be easily joined together to form a length that is exactly right for your gutter. Super-easy to install, the gutter brush is designed to sit snugly in the gutter trap and be secured at both ends. Once installed, the brush prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutter and allows it to blow away or become trapped instead in the bristles. Rainwater can easily pass through the gutter brush and drain away.

This simple, yet extremely effective system offers homeowners a chance to forget about the gutters for years – no more ladders, no more clearing rotted leaves, and no more expensive call outs to repair internal water damage to decorations or roof timbers.

Find out more about the Hedgehog gutter brush from Permaroof and avoid clogged gutters in your home.
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