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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning can be a quick-fix solution to avoid expensive repairs at a later date. One of the biggest causes of leaks, rot and internal damage to domestic property can be attributed to overflowing gutters. Old, cast-iron gutters and downpipes can also rust prematurely if the water is not kept free-running.

Keeping a gutter clear is a relatively simple task, but can be dangerous. Care should be taken and safety held paramount when using a ladder at height. This is work that should be undertaken on a regular basis, especially during the autumn, when leaves fall and can clog the entrance to the downpipe.

An innovative solution has been discovered in the form of the Hedgehog Gutterbrush. This ingenious device consists of a long, circular brush, manufactured from polypropylene, with a stainless steel core that is rust-resistant. The brush is placed into the gutter, sitting firmly in place under the eaves and allows water to run through easily. Leaves and other debris simply cannot settle in the gutter trough. At 100mm in width, the Gutterbrush fits most gutters and can be simply fixed if required.

Although complete with a 12-month, money-back guarantee, the Hedgehog Gutterbrush can sit snugly in the gutters for up to 7 years, its simple, yet effective design keeping out debris and completely eliminating the need for regular gutter maintenance.

The brush is available in 4m lengths that can be easily joined together. The gutters will require clearing before installation, but can then be left alone for many years thereafter.

The Hedgehog gutter brush brings an affordable solution to gutter clearing and helps to minimise the risk of leaks, while improving the efficiency and lifespan of the gutters.