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Green Roofing in the UK

Permaroof UK Ltd is committed to making the UK greener – one roof at a time. Green roofing is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofing systems and in addition, offers homeowners the chance to participate in surface water management and provide a safe, natural habitat for bees and other wildlife in the UKs gardens.

Planning for green roofing

Planning a green roof project is the first and most important step. Green roofs are heavier than ordinary flat roof installations, consisting of several layers of waterproofing, insulation, drainage, soil and planting mediums. This additional weight means that before installation, the roof deck must be inspected to ensure it is of good quality and able to carry the weight. A surveyor could do this for you for a fee.

When considering the planting medium, it is wise to think about your geographical location and the climate in your local area. The location of the building you are working on is also important. Think about the light it receives and whether it is shielded from the elements by overhanging trees or adjoining buildings. These are important considerations, as the medium you select will ideally thrive in your unique conditions.

Talk to Permaroof’s green roofing division for advice on the right green roof system for your project on 01773 608839 today, or visit the green roofs page to find out more.

What types of green roofs are there?

There are three types of green roofs:

  • Intensive green roofing
  • Semi-intensive
  • Extensive green roofing

The type of installation you choose will be directly related to your plans for use. If you wish to create a rooftop terrace, for example, where you plan to entertain (and walk upon the green roof), then you will need to create walkways and paths, and will likely consider extensive green roofing with trees, shrubs and planted flower beds. For natural green roofing that will sit on top of a garden building and maintained very little, then an intensive, sedum or moss roof would be ideal.

How can Permaroof help?

Permaroof EPDM membranes are the perfect base layer for any green roofing installation, providing the waterproofing needed with seamless reliability. Our membranes are laid in a single sheet and once insulated against the sharp stones of the drainage layers, deliver 100% waterproofing with unmatched longevity of an expected 50 years.

Our green roofing division can help you with the entire installation, from the waterproofing membrane to the planting medium. Let us help you with your green roof projects.